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With over 45 years of experience in delivering cutting-edge technology, Lascar Electronics has forged their way to becoming a leading designer and manufacturer of data capture, touch screen and wireless products.

Lascar’s in-house capabilities include mechanical and electronic design, user interface and App design, firmware and software development and Cloud/IoT systems. With low and high-volume manufacturing options in the UK and the Far East, Lascar offer unbeatable cost-effectiveness, lead time reductions and supply chain and obsolescence management.

Clients benefit from an extensive selection of data loggers from the EasyLog range, providing a cost-effective, easy-to-use method of recording temperature, humidity, voltage, 4-20mA and carbon monoxide.

Lascar’s range of panel instruments and voltmeters provide display solutions for a wide range of applications. Offering smart, graphic, touch screen displays, customisable to your specific product or project.

Coupled with the data logger and panel meter ranges, Lascar offer a comprehensive custom design and manufacturing service. Bringing together a widespread industrial design and electronic design experience.

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