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Optimise Your warehouse space with Kardex

Utilise your wasted air space!

Optimising warehouse space is essential for meeting increasing customer demands. Traditional storage methods can be ineffective as it consumes excessive resources in relation to time, man hours and space. That’s where Kardex’s cutting-edge intralogistics solutions come into play. Our automation technology offers high-density storage within a minimal footprint helping to optimise your warehouse space.

It’s smart to exploit the height of your warehouse, efficiently utilising the floor-to-ceiling void thereby maximising the use of available space. Vertical storage systems such as Vertical buffer modules (VBM), Vertical lift modules (VLMs) and vertical carousels utilise the vertical space in your warehouse. These systems can store items in a compact and organised manner, reducing the need for large aisles and maximising storage capacity.

It’s no secret that automated retrieval systems significantly increase storage density. The use of robotics to retrieve items and bring the item directly to the operator, is another sure way of minimising the number of aisle and liberates additional areas within your production facility, further eliminating the need for manual searching and thus reducing the space required for aisles.

A major benefit of automated solutions is digitalisation. With smart software such as Kardex Power Pick, a warehouse can increase picking speeds and efficiency to ensure all stocked items are delivered on-time for efficient picking whilst delivering a tailored solution based on material process and fulfilment flow.

In the end It’s worth talking to the experts so that they can assess your warehouse layout and provide customised solutions to optimise space utilisation. They can help you design an efficient warehouse layout that maximises storage capacity and minimises wasted space.

Kardex has created warehouse insights and case studies so you can see real-world examples of how Kardex solutions are creating more warehouse space and increasing productivity. Our technology streamlines processes without the need for moving or extending current facilities, saving you time and resources.

Conclusion: In today’s competitive market, optimising warehouse space is crucial for meeting increasing demands. Traditional storage methods are no longer sufficient, and businesses must adapt to innovative automation solutions. Kardex’s cutting-edge technologies provide high-density storage within a minimal footprint, maximised floor-to-ceiling space and increased storage capacity. Discover how businesses are revolutionising their storage capabilities, streamlining their processes without the need for costly facility expansions.