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Genesis™ Multiphase Detector: The birth of a new type of level profiler

With the growth of TDR based level instrumentation, there is an emphasis on expanding the use of TDR into multiphase applications where mainly high-priced profilers or multi-probe arrays exist today.

Magnetrol’s Genesis Multiphase Detector is a Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)-based, 24 VDC level detector designed to accurately define and quantify the various layers in multiple interface level measurement applications. Encompassing a number of significant developments from Magnetrol’s progressive engineering team, this innovative level detector can deliver a full interface profile of a vessel with performance, which surpasses many of the more traditional technologies.

Utilizing patented ‘Top-Down’ and ‘Bottom-Up’ signals, along with advanced level detection algorithms, this single device can be used in a wide variety of interface applications ranging from very light hydrocarbons to water-based media. For example, Genesis can be used to define the multiple interfaces in a separator vessel (sandwater-emulsion-oil-gas) with exceptional precision and can even determine the magnitude of any emulsion layer.

Multiphase level measurements exist throughout the process industries and are particularly relevant in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical sectors due to the value derived from effective water and hydrocarbon separation. While level instrumentation has come a long way in measuring liquids of all varieties, multiphase level measurement is often considered the greatest challenge in process control.

This detector, like other Magnetrol devices, is designed to maximise ease of wiring, configuration, and viewing of the versatile graphic LCD display.

Despite the fact that there has been considerable effort by instrumentation manufacturers to measure multiphase levels, only now is there a cost-effective TDR-based multiphase level detector capable of widespread adoption. Radiometric and nucleonic technologies can profile multiphase media conditions, potentially without intrusion into the process vessel; however, they come with high upfront costs, regulatory burdens and increased safety requirements.

Genesis builds upon the proactive diagnostics found in Magnetrol’s Model Eclipse 706 GWR in order to actively monitor build-up on the probe; enabling operators to streamline maintenance and reduce downtime.

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