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Getting A4 Health and Safety signs up and visible without a fuss

In the constantly changing world of workplace risk and the need to get risks identified when they present themselves – a larger format solution without unnecessary fuss is becoming ever more necessary.

Fuss is messy inks – tedious waiting for a multi-ribbon device to drag itself through four passes – software that requires qualified and trained users and for an outdoor durability some extra protective coatings or lamination.

To get an A4 Health and Safety message printed and in place can be both a very fast and an easy process if you use the SMS 830 from Rebo Systems.

The SMS 830 is a new product for larger health and safety sign production.

Perfect for A4 output and for larger and longer messages.

It comes complete with pre-printed safety signs in A4 format on a roll – so you only need to add the relevant texts and icons for Warning, Prohibition, First Aid and Fire Notices.

Easy to use software includes ready to use A4 safety templates – for minimum design time and faster output.

The SMS 830 is a compact, desktop device – unusual for printers with a 220mm output width.

All signs created on the SMS 830 are durable for up to 10 years outdoors, with adhesives that can be either aggressive or even temporary – long-term warning stay in place but short term warnings can be removed when the risk is no longer present.

A large range of ribbon colours and materials allows this product to create larger messages and notices for all environments, for all important safety messages and larger ID requirements.

Glow in the dark, reflective and Hi Vis are just part of the large range of materials the SMS 830 produce.

Ensuring Safety needs to be a fast and uncomplicated task – because risks and dangers often do not give advanced warnings and visual information is the key to a safer work place.

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