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KED-Seals expands their Electrical Connectors product range and technical support

Industrial Process News is proud to announce that KED-Seals has been selected as our Material Technology Company of the Month, for its outstanding range of engineered seals and electrical connectors.

KED-Seals GmbH has been established in Germany for 11 years, and in 2015, Ian Gravill set up KED-Seals Ltd in partnership with the GmbH business in order to help support the global oil and gas industry. As a seals and material technology company, KED-Seals uses its expertise to provide technical and design support and to deliver reliable and cost effective product solutions for high pressure, high temperature and aggressive fluid media environments.

“I had worked for a seals company for 21 years, until I reached the point where I couldn’t progress any further,” explained Ian. “I took some time out before deciding to use my technical knowledge in seals to set up KED-Seals Ltd.

“When I was first establishing the company, I went out and identified where the competition was and improvements that could be made in their offering. I wanted to make it easy for customers to deal with us, and there are five key differentiators that ensure we are a leader in our field.
“Firstly, our customer service is excellent; we are always quick to respond to any requests and willing to go the extra mile to get products to customers in a timely manner. We also have exceptional technical capabilities. In a lot of companies, the customer only talks to the sales person, who then has to pass on their request to an engineer. This process can take a couple of weeks and cause delays. Because of my engineering knowledge and experience, I can talk to customers in depth about their needs and develop ideas and solutions immediately, which reduces the customers’ product development timescale.

“KED-Seals aims to meet customer delivery requirements, which can be from next day to a standard 4-5 weeks, compared to 8-12 weeks it takes for other companies. This helps the customer do what they need to do in their own timeframe, rather than being dictated to by the supplier. Furthermore, we have a very wide product range. Because we have a network of supply partners, we can also work with them to develop new materials and products, so our range is almost unlimited. Finally, we always aim to deliver on time, and pride ourselves on our on-time delivery performance.”

Recently, KED-Seals established a strategic partnership with LUC Technologies. Based in Houston, LUC Technologies designs and manufactures high performance electrical connector products. As a product development oriented company, it delivers innovative products, tailored solutions and customer support in the areas of High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) Downhole Connectors, Rotatable Connectors, Fibre Optic Assemblies, Electrical Assemblies, and Custom Rubber Moulding.

LUC Technologies’ engineering and design team collaborate with customers to develop cost-effective solutions that push the technological envelope. Combining this with KED-Seals’ leading technical and commercial expertise is sure to create a valuable partnership, offering customers across Europe and the Middle East market-leading Electrical Connectors.

As KED-Seals Ltd continues to expand its presence in the UK, it will be moving into new offices in Aberdeenshire in the next few months. “We’ll be continuing to concentrate on our customers to ensure we are always offering the best service and product range available. Last year we attended SPE Offshore Europe for the first time, which went really well for us, so we will be attending again in 2021.”

If you would like to find out more information on KED-Seals and everything it has to offer, head to the website or get in touch using the contact details below.

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