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Industrial Process News is proud to announce that ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd has been selected as our Environmental Engineering Company of the Month, for its outstanding work within industrial air pollution control.

Founded in 1978, ERG’s head office is based in Horsham, with a manufacturing division nearby, and offices in Jordan, Dubai and Moscow. With over 40 years of expertise, ERG designs, supplies, installs, commissions and services air pollution control systems.

“Our systems are used in an ever increasing wide range of industrial process operations,” explained Richard Hanson, Managing Director. “Here, we are engaged to extract pollutants (toxic compounds, solvents, acids, particulates etc.) from process gas streams. Examples include the purification of raw methane from gas wells in Qatar prior to downstream fertiliser production, and extraction of chlorine gas from fumes generated in the refining of speciality metals in Russia.”

Thanks to ERG’s strong in-house process engineering expertise across a vast range of gas treatment technologies, the company can propose high-tech, robust solutions to help with industrial processes, with clients involved in numerous different process industries, such as oil and gas, bulk chemicals, pharmaceuticals, high technologies, and anaerobic digestion, to name a few. “In these areas, no two systems are the same, as the gas compositions, temperatures and conditions differ between each application. This means that each device needs to be bespoke, and our comprehensive process engineering knowledge base means that ERG can do this to the highest standards.”

A notable part of ERG’s offering is its patented gas scrubbing technology, called the V-tex® scrubber. Rather than using internal packing to increase the surface contact between the liquid cleaner and gas, the V-tex® uses a fine droplet spray pattern and gas vortex to ensure maximum mass transfer efficiency. “It is half the size of other gas scrubbers, so takes up less space. Also, scrubbers with internal packing risk getting fouled up, which then need cleaning; because the V-tex® has no internals to foul, there are minimal clean-out costs.
“The V-tex® also features a greater operating range, allowing nearly 100% scrubbing efficiency at any gas flowrate. This means it has a wider range of operating conditions, making it ideal for applications where the flowrate of the process gas streams can vary widely.”

V-tex® also features low installation costs, especially when retrofitting into existing buildings, because of its low height, and smaller volumes of spent liquor are sent to waste as V-tex® can scrub with viscous liquors and slurries.

ERG also offers a range of thermal gas treatment systems. This includes thermal oxidisers, which provide the thermal destruction process to ERG’s air pollution abatement technologies. During thermal destruction, any hydrocarbon solid, liquid or gas heated to 850–1100°C will break down and, in the presence of excess oxygen, will form normal flue gas products. When this destruction results in flue gas products that are considered noxious or hazardous pollutants, ERG can offer bespoke project solutions that eliminate these gases and therefore help clients to comply with The Industrial Emissions Directive.

“We offer integrated abatement systems to remove these harmful gases,” explained Martin Murphy, Business Development Manager for ERG’s Thermal Systems division. “ERG can offer a bespoke, efficient, safe, and cost-effective system which is highly flexible in its design. Our products are designed in house and can be tailored to suit each customer’s application.

A few years ago, ERG underwent a ‘divisionalisation’, where each of its departments was formed into separate divisions to create more of a group structure, rather than a single company with multiple departments. Indeed, ERG has witnessed exponential growth since its establishment, and this change has enabled the company to evolve in response to its continuing expansion, allowing each division to better address its customers’ needs.

For 2020, ERG has some exciting plans on the horizon. “We have a build project underway for a new purpose built factory and new headquarters office on a new site just outside Horsham. We expect to relocate there in mid-2020. This will enable us to manufacture larger scale scrubbers and vessels, and to raise production quality through the design and build process. In addition, we have a strategic goal to continue our growth in export markets, particularly in the Middle East and Russia,” Richard said.

If you would like to find out more information on ERG’s leading product portfolio, and how the company can help you, head to the website or get in touch using the contact details below.

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