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Leading the way to end workplace deaths

Industrial Scientific is a leading designer and manufacturer of gas detection products, services and solutions for worksites all around the world, to protect workers from hazardous conditions. The company was founded in 1985 and maintains its headquarters in the US; Industrial Scientific has a global market presence and has offices in many different countries including: Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, UK, Singapore, Shanghai, Australia and UAE.

Industrial Scientific is renowned for their innovative technology and commitment to producing the most reliable, efficient and safety focused gas detectors and connected safety solutions to protect workers. Applicable for a wide selection of industries, Industrial Scientific protects workers from harmful exposure to gases in markets including: mining, chemical, military, oil and gas and waste water management.

“We are experts in the field of gas detection and solutions; we have evolved throughout the years and provide new technologies such as wireless technology which has enabled us to provide connected safety solutions. We now offer a comprehensive service for gas detection,” said Hans Dabeesing, Marketing Director.

Notably, throughout the company’s history, Industrial Scientific has demonstrated its revolutionary technology and is historically known for creating the first 3-gas detector, 6-gas detector, wireless gas detector and provided the first gas detector to be included on a NASA space shuttle.

With over 800 employees working for Industrial Scientific globally, the company is committed to preserving human life and endeavours to make workplaces a safe environment, with a mission to end work related deaths by 2050. Industrial Scientific invests in research and engineering, using patented technologies the company strives for continuous development. “We plan to be the worldwide leader in connected safety.” Hans continued, “Our mission is to save people’s lives and our objective is to provide the most equipped solutions and we continue to develop gas detectors and accessories to be able to respond to hazards as they happen.”
In 2017 the company was acquired by Fortive Corporation which is a fortune 500 company. Through this acquisition Industrial Scientific has thrived, with access to new tools and resources accelerating the company in its mission.

In terms of the services that Industrial Scientific provides, the company offers a comprehensive selection of services including repairs, training and rental services. Their range of gas solutions is varied and expansive, offering hardware, software and management solutions. Using the company’s iNet suite of solutions, customers benefit from live monitoring, control data management and exchange services. Within Industrial Scientific’s range of gas detectors, the company provides complete integrated solutions for gas detection enabling the customer to assess the right mix of equipment/software and services, to ensure the safety of their workers.

A notable product within Industrial Scientific’s range is the RGX Gateway. The RGX Gateway provides specified safety contacts with live notifications of alerts for numerous potential dangers including: gas hazards, panic, man-down situations for both in-plant and in the field. Keeping workforces safe at any time of the day, the RGX Gateway improves response time and is a potentially lifesaving product.

Providing a live map, the portable RGX Gateway combined with the INET Now software produces an accurate location of workers and their condition which in-turn provides emergency personnel with vital information in preparation for assisting them.

In regards to recent developments for Industrial Scientific, the company has acquired two major companies; Intelex and SAFER Systems.

Intelex is a well-established leader within the environmental, health and safety and quality (EHSQ) management sectors. The joining of Intelex and Industrial Scientific is an exciting advancement for the company, enabling them to combine Industrial Scientific’s connecting sensing and predictive analytics with Intelex’s industry-leading program, workforce and their asset management capabilities.

The acquisition of SAFER Systems is another noteworthy advancement for Industrial Scientific. A global leader in real-time plume modelling and mitigation solutions, SAFER Systems is a real asset for Industrial Scientific, enabling the company to provide further hazardous analysis and risk assessment in addition to Industrial Scientific’s connected sensing and predictive analytics.

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