Regarding waste management and the existing EU legislation on waste it is clear that sustainable investment begins with investment in the top steps of the Waste Hierarchy and in all of the measures, techniques and technologies which will ensure the achievement of the legislative targets, a circular economy and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

HSV is Europe’s leading manufacturer, which successfully integrates hard plastic parts into particle foam parts and thus offers hybrid solutions Hybrids are based on engineering with added value for our customers. Optimising your product and simplifying assembly leads directly to cost savings. Would you like to optimise your product now? The hybrid team of HSV […]

Impact Air Systems continues to experience phenomenal growth and interest in its production trim and matrix removal solutions and will therefore be showcasing recent examples of the installations at manufacturing sites around the UK, and the rest of the world, in a bid to improve productivity, recycle more and reduce downtime in even more manufacturing […]

In a joint study, four European waste management associations: the European Waste Management Association (FEAD); the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants (CEWEP); the RDF Industry Group; and the Dutch Waste Management Association (DWMA), publish their findings for the potential for CO2 reductions within the waste management sector.

Vision Engineering, British leading designer and manufacturer of high quality non-contact measurement, digital 3D visualisation, and ergonomic inspection technologies, is pleased to announce an innovative product combination together with Nikon’s stereo microscopes from Nikon Metrology Europe NV, adding a new, higher magnification digital 3D inspection solution to its range of innovative and ergonomic inspection microscopy […]