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PCBs for demanding customers, on time with zero defects, produced sustainably at the lowest total cost

In this issue of Industrial Process News we are pleased to feature NCAB Group UK Ltd as our Global PCB Supplier Company of the Month.

PCBS are at the heart of all electronic equipment and the platform on which electronic components are mounted to produce a PCB-A. Regardless of the complexity, PCBs are critical for the end product and this makes quality and reliability some of the most important purchasing criteria for NCAB customers.

‘Quality first. Strong Relationships. Full Responsibility.’ These are the values by which NCAB operate. With a vision to be the number one PCB producer globally, the company is primed for a successful 2024/25.

NCAB was formed in 1993 by Lars Östlund, Leif Pettersson, and Bo Andersson in Sweden. Today, the company has grown to having a local presence in 18 countries in Europe, Asia and North America with customers in approximately 45 countries worldwide. Its UK team resides in Wiltshire and West Sussex, and supplies PCBs for demanding customers from medical, EV charging, security, renewables and industrial industries.

NCAB has invested heavily in the growth of its Europe segment for several years. Since COVID-19, the company has seen a high demand from the market and because of its organic growth, order intake has more than exceeded net sales. Its local presence in the production chain through its Factory Management organisation has made a great difference by offering them a strong position to secure delivery times by enabling continuous improvements in technology, quality and sustainability.

NCAB is clearly seeing that its efforts over the last few years have yielded incredible results, as the company looks to continue gaining market shares and sales from new customers. Increasing the quality and capabilities of its factories has proven fruitful for NCAB in giving customers the commercial and technical competence support they need. Marketing Manager, Kate Spencer elaborated on this.

“The NCAB Factory Management Team consists of our own staff in our factories who provide proactive quality assurance and on-time deliveries. Our purchasing power of more than $385,000,000 ensures our customers’ orders are listed as high priority during production while offering the best possible terms. Our Field Application Engineer, Matt Surman has over 25 years’ experience in PCBs and is our dedicated local support here in the UK. Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table and he is ready to assist our customers in achieving their design goals. Whether it’s technical guidance, troubleshooting, or simply sharing best practices, Matt is here to ensure their success, and is more than happy to assist with any design-related queries or concerns.”

Acting in a sustainable way while assuming great responsibility is an integrated part of the NCAB business model and long-term strategy. Information taken from its annual and sustainability report 2023 stated that last year NCAB created many opportunities for its customers to receive data on their CO2 emissions based on the manufacturer and mode of transport used. From this data, NCAB has been able to then work alongside each customer to make better choices to reduce the climate footprint.

“Our sustainability strategy guides us in the right direction, with the aim of realising sustainable growth and the positive changes we want to see in the industry.”

“Our focus is to create value for our stakeholders and take responsibility throughout our value chain. We endeavour to identify opportunities to drive positive change and reduce the negative impact of the various processes,” stated Kate.

NCAB’s sustainability work has not gone unnoticed. Named as best employer in the Brilliant Awards, NCAB has also received an EcoVadis Gold rating for its sustainability work. This approach not only helps in mitigating climate change but also enhances the brands reputation, leading to long-term cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Thanks to its strong financial performance, NCAB is able to continuously improve quality and delivery performance across a demanding range of industries and market sectors. One of NCAB’s major strategies is to grow by acquisitions in parallel with continued organic growth. NCAB is in a strong position to drive consolidation in the market and has completed many successful acquisitions in recent years in both Europe and the USA. NCAB is currently looking for further opportunities in new markets as well as in Europe, USA and Southeast Asia.

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