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The Most Versatile Infrared Cameras

InfraTec High-end Thermography Systems for Highest Standards

The high-end thermography systems of the product line ImageIR® are conceived for application with highest standards in the fields of research and development, non-destructive material testing and process monitoring. The modular outline allows for an individual system configuration and ideal adjustment of the performance data to the respective task.


Users can choose between two speed modes for the same camera. In standard mode, the familiar frame rates for full frame, half frame and sub-frame are available with full spatial resolution. In high-speed mode, images can be taken with the identical FOV – while the frame rates increase to more than three times the previous value.

High-speed mode also increases the thermal resolution

In addition to speed, the signal-to-noise ratio improves in high-speed mode by a factor of approximately 2 due to the larger effective pixel area. This increase in thermal resolution ensures that even smaller temperature differences can be detected reliably.


Switch over once, benefit twice

Switching between both speed modes is done conveniently by software. For users this means a two-fold benefit. Firstly, they can analyse identical measurement scenarios under various aspects. Secondly, this allows using a single camera for the analysis of different measurement scenarios, which previously might have required the use of several different infrared cameras.

Predestined for solving the most demanding measurement and testing tasks

Based on such innovations the ImageIR® infrared camera series ideally suits for use in science and research. Other technical features underline this profile including the thermal resolution better than 0.015 K. IR frame rates up to 105 kHz in sub-frame together with extremely short integration times of just a few microseconds enable the analysis of fast-running thermal processes.

All models of the series are also extremely flexible to configure. Their modular design provides convenient retrofitting with components such as motorised focus as well as motorised filters and rotating aperture wheels. This means that users can easily solve their measurement tasks – no matter what field of application they are working in.


With more than 30 models, InfraTec offers a variety of infrared camera models for all application areas of thermal imaging.   Here are just some..

·         Material Testing

Material tests using thermal imaging save time and costs as test objects will not be destroyed during process. They can be used for further testing or locating quality problems that could be corrected. NDT tests with infrared camera systems provide good solutions with greater applications as they can be used for a wide range of different materials and types of defects. A huge advantage is that thermographic testing procedures can be applied to larger areas at once in comparison to ultrasonic or other methods that focus on smaller zones.

·         Microthermography

Thermal optimisation of the assembly process and components is a central issue in the development of new products. The temperature distribution of energised PCBs and individual components can be analysed very well by using powerful thermal imaging systems, while hotspots can be tracked in the image area at the same time.

·         Aerospace industry

Measurement tasks of the aerospace industry often require infrared cameras with very high thermal resolutions of 20 mk and/or high frame rate of 100 Hz and more. Thus, for instance, accurate analyses of aero engine’s thermal behaviour are due to high safety and reliability requirements of the aviation authority. Moreover, quality controls of fuselages, wings and rotor blades of aeroplanes, respectively helicopters, can be carried out in form of efficient fault analyses with infrared camera systems.

In particular, the application of light and robust composite materials and other lightweight construction processes of the aerospace industry requires an accurate quality control. For this purpose, active heat flow thermography is increasingly used for the production. Various activation and analysis systems allow efficient fault analyses with fast and high-resolution infrared cameras, even inside materials or the construction.

·         Automotive inspection

The ultimate marketing tool for presenting cars’ safety are, certainly, crash tests – one of the worst testing methods for engineers and controllers since, in the course of this process, the device under test will be destroyed. Thus, neither further tests can be carried out nor is it possible to remedy any deficiencies of the product.

Thermal imaging helps to make defects visible without damaging the device under test on its testing. Therefore, functions of catalysts as well as electric systems of cars and motor assemblies can also be tested with the help of infrared camera systems.

Moreover, defects and deficiencies of multiple products for the automotive industry are only to be detected through temperature changes. Thus, heated seats and window heating can be tried and tested for their functionality by applying infrared camera systems.

  • Chemical Industry

Chemical reactions are endogenous or exogenous proceedings resulting in heat flow. Imaging of temperature distribution by means of thermal imaging does not only allow punctual measuring of heat flows, but also enables analyses of entire process chains. Contactless measurement brings additional advantages since measuring of reacting chemicals is possible in the first place respectively connections to multiple contacting temperature sensors can be left out.

·         Plant Inspection

Thermal imaging increases plant productivity, work safety and product quality

  • Condition based preventive maintenance is most cost efficient
  • Thermography allows inspections of a wide range of faults

  • Imaging solution provides first indications at the place of inspection
  • Tracing of condition of assets over time possible
  • Efficient reporting with integrated thermographic software

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