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The NEW and unique SMS R1 – ‘colour and cut’ sign and labelling system

In-House sign and label production – saving time and money

Increase control of your sign and labelling costs, and add a new level of flexibility and performance to all your product and process labelling.

In-house saves time and money
Bringing sign and label production in-house is an increasing benefit to manufacturing, MRO and the process industry. All the original considerations that put companies off of this have been removed by technology. Just in time labelling keeps material stock to a minimum and allows enormous flexibility and customisation benefits to companies.

Ease of use and great value for money
The new Rebo SMS R1 system is designed to be easy – not only for the specialist designers or graphically trained – anyone can design and create in minutes. Using the very latest touch screen technology it tells the user what to do, step by step. The ideal tool to achieve in-house product labelling in up to 14 colours and – remarkably – in any shape you can imagine. It is fast and easy to use – and runs with almost all the currently popular software being used to day. As a desktop product, the SMS R1 is compact and unobtrusive in any environment, accessible to everyone and fully networkable.

Label stock holding is a thing of the past – as the SMS R1 uses one width of material and effectively cuts the dimensions required – so no stocks of multiple label sizes is needed and there are none of the typical proofing delays and economies of scale issues you have with an outside label printing company.

One product does almost everything
The range of materials the SMS R1 can print and cut is extensive, so high performance labelling is easy – with high temperature, low temperature, high durability and specialist materials always available for the most demanding environments. We offer, among others, glow in the dark, reflective, hologram security, ten and five year outdoor vinyl, metallised polyesters, unique long life polyesters, Hi-Viz and the range increases as customers create new applications.

Recyclable and green
The material range on offer also includes fully recyclable material that contains no environmentally damaging solvents, plasticisers and is fully REACH compliant.

Benefits all industries
Currently the SMS R1 is actively being used to produce: LO/TO labelling and tags, maintenance labelling, Health and Safety, cable and wire marking, pipe identification, tank and valve identification. part of product labelling, Shutdown/Turnaround labelling, prototype labelling, plant and equipment labelling.

We have continued interest from the petrochemical industry, manufacturing, construction and Installation. HVAC, MRO, logistics, material handling and the alternative energy markets.

A new level of productivity
The SMS R1 can easily deliver small labels in long runs of over ten meters, mixed label sizes and styles and also can cut in batches – all designed to make production easy and practical. From the smallest component labels up to large equipment labels – the SMS R1 is purpose built.

Create and print what you want, when you want it
Where some components or instruments need to be designed for unique applications – lower volumes and bespoke content are the greatest challenges – these disappear with the SMS R1, which can produce ‘one-offs’ and smaller batches of labels on-demand.

Perfect for creating high quality, professional label sets for prototypes and for specialist, low volume production runs.

Available Internationally
Rebo has established distribution in the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Our network is constantly increasing.

Find out more about how the SMS R1 can add value to your manufacturing through cost savings and greater flexibility.

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