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Auction of CNC machines on behalf of a finance company: Opportunity for the metal industry

Metalworking companies still have the opportunity to bid for high-quality CNC machines on until 15/11.

The metal industry is constantly faced with the challenge of producing efficiently and cost-effectively without compromising on quality. The upcoming auction on behalf of a finance company offers an interesting opportunity for this. A total of 12 high-quality metalworking machines will be auctioned on 15.11.23 on the auction platform. The auction is taking place in the UK and includes several top lots, including:

  • DECKEL MAHO DMU 70 5-Axis Universal Machining Centre
  • CMZ TA30 YS-640 Turning Centre (2018)
  • HARDINGE BRIDGEPORT XP3 760 Vertical Machining Centre with 4th axis
  • BRIDGEPORT VMC 800/22 and VMC 500/16 Vertical Machining Centres
  • DUGARD FCL-200, FCL-140, HARDINGE Conquest T42, GOODWAY GLS-150M CNC Lathes
  • ABERLINK MK4 Co-ordinate Measuring Machine
  • KAESER ASK 34T HPC Screw Air Compressor

These machines can be a valuable addition for companies in the metal industry that want to expand or modernise their machinery. The auction is organised by Surplex, an auction house with many years of experience in the sale of industrial goods and machinery throughout Europe. The possibility of a prior inspection of the machines is available by arrangement. Alternatively, detailed videos, pictures and descriptions of the machines are available on The responsible project manager is available to answer any questions.

The auction not only offers the opportunity to purchase high quality machinery, but also the option of comprehensive services from dismantling to transport and customs formalities. In the context of the ever-changing demands of the metal industry, this auction represents an opportunity to invest in high-quality machinery and thus increase production efficiency and quality.

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