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Converting equipment specialists

Established in 1999, Alpha Converting specialises in the design and manufacture of converting equipment. Offering machines such as spooling and slitting machines, the company are highly regarded by a wide range of printing and packaging companies worldwide.

Customer service is at the heart of the company which is why they offer design solutions for international markets and have expertise in web handling and product handling. This gives Alpha Converting the advantage of being a strong bonded company, which benefits clients further because they are able to work quickly and effectively to provide solutions. Alpha Converting’s highly experienced and knowledgeable team are always available for on-hand advice. Not only this, but Alpha Converting technicians are able to assemble machines such as slitting machines, winding equipment, spooling machinery, salvage doctor machines, trim winders, and converting equipment.

Alpha Converting pride themselves in saying that they are also specialists in the web handling sector. Focussing on web handling technology has allowed Alpha Converting to become a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality equipment for the converting industry. They are able to offer application-specific design solutions for domestic and international markets. Web handling is essential and most important when building their converting machines. By standing out and being unique, alongside innovative, has allowed AlphaConverting to be stronger as a company, as well as manufacturing the best converting equipment for their clients.

Alpha Converting has a flexible approach to meeting the needs of their customers. They take time to listen to customers requirements and understand their production techniques and methods. Their high standard of technical engineering is what sets them apart from competitors in the converting industry.

Alpha Converting is delighted to say that they are an international business. In 2001, they launched their ALPHAWIND individual arm slitter rewinder for high precision cutting of plastic films. They then introduced the ALPHALAB range in 2002 which was built with a narrower width slitter rewinder. One of their highly sought-after products is the Duplex Slitter Rewinder; this product provides high-quality winding. Standard features include precise tension control, differential winding shafts and closed-loop tension control; other specifications can be viewed online.

For further information or general enquiries, please visit the Alpha Converting website. Alternatively, you can contact the company via telephone or email with the details listed below.

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