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Excellence in Laboratory Technology

In this issue of Industrial Process News, we are pleased to announce Vitl Life Science Solutions as our Laboratory Instruments & Equipment Company of the Year.

Company of the Year Award on display

Vitl Life Science Solutions is one of the leading laboratory instrument manufacturers and lab equipment suppliers in the UK. In May 2022, we announced Vitl as our Company of the Month for its extremely high-quality laboratory instrumentation. Recognising the company’s achievements for the second time in 12 months, truly speaks to the quality of the organisation and the essential service that it provides to the life sciences industry.

Amanda McGowan, Technical Sales Specialist for Vitl, mentioned, “The past twelve months have been busy, but brilliant for us as a company! We attended two trade shows, Lab Innovations and MEDICA in 2021, and we will be returning to both in November of this year. We really enjoy being able to attend these kinds of events to showcase the benefits that our products can bring to potential customers. Our current focus is new product development, and we have made substantial progress thus far. These products will amplify our existing range once they are launched. And lastly, at the start of this month, our US facility in Virginia moved into a larger premises in the Hanover Business Centre. Their new space provides them with more warehousing and better logistics options for product stock, as they continue to grow their Vitl sales in the US.”

Vitl was founded by ITL (a G&H Company), an award-winning medical, diagnostic, and analytical device design and manufacturing specialists. This has allowed Vitl to benefit from over 45 years of experience in the development of high-end medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics (IVD). It is these strong roots combined with an ongoing vision to excel within and champion the industry that has enabled the company to embrace such a strong growth vision. The last 12 months of accolades have really solidified Vitl as an exceptional business as it has remarkably continued to overshoot its own goals. “We have been completely blown away by our success in 2022 – it has been incredible! It is wonderful to see how the interest in our products has increased over the last year. We can’t thank our customers enough for all the support they provide us.” said Amanda.

We asked Amanda which product has excelled most recently. She said, “Our best-selling product at this moment in time is our Lu-mini, a lightweight and versatile luminometer. Its popularity has sky-rocketed due to its superb compatibility for method and assay development. By measuring light, luminometry has proven to be the next big step for large companies to increase their throughput and simplify their processes. However, the key features of a high-quality luminometer – sensitivity, reproducibility, and flexibility – are hard to come by at an affordable price. Our Lu-mini bridges this gap between quality and affordability, all while providing the perfect level of compatibility for method and assay development.”

As a high-end laboratory equipment supplier, it’s important to keep up to date with current economic trends within the industry and be flexible and adaptable in its approach to better suit customer demand. Tom Ackrill, Business Development Manager, explained, “The supply and demand of electronics components is a major issue now within our industry. Components are becoming hard to find, more expensive, and as such there is increased demand on our procurement team to keep ahead of the curve. We are having to spend a lot more time than before working with our clients to make sure we understand their needs in some cases up to two years ahead of where we are today so that we can keep stock of the key components on hand. I think this is probably going to be the case for at least another 12-18 months, however the approach we’re taking seems to be working well, as we have not seen any noticeable loss in on-time delivery performance, and most importantly, our clients are not going without their units!”

With new products in the works for 2023, Vitl has no plans of slowing down amidst the current economic crisis and is keen to support its customers with its growing range of high-quality products and services. “Moving forward, our plans are to focus on growing the awareness of our existing product line for more people to experience the cost-effective, high-quality products that we have available here at Vitl. After hearing the incredible feedback from our existing customers over the last year, we are extremely excited to extend our reach to assist more people within our industry.” stated Amanda.

In closing, we asked Amanda how the company felt about being selected for yet another of our specialist awards. She commented, “We are so pleased to have been selected for this incredible award – it really is an honour! Our teams in the UK, USA, and China work extremely hard each day, and it is reassuring to see all our work recognised. Thank you very much for recognising Vitl Life Science Solutions as your Company of the Year 2022.”

Vitl Life Science Solutions demonstrates clear understanding and a long-term commitment in providing high-quality expertise and products that have revolutionised the life science industry. The drive and ambition to continue delivering such outstanding services through these current unpredictable times within the world economy is inspiring, bold, and commendable. Recognising Vitl Life Science Solutions as a market leader brings us great pride, and as the company continues to evolve over the next 12-18 months, who knows what prestigious award may come their way next.

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