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Industry leaders in round link chains

In this issue of Industrial Process News we have selected the RUD Group as our Round Link Chain Solutions Company of the Month.

RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co.KG was established in 1875 by Carl Rieger and Friedrich Dietz in Aalen, Swabia after the founders had left the public company ERLAU, founded in 1825 which is now part of the RUD Group.

Leading on since its fruition, the company is now solely owned by the Rieger family, who are expanding it systematically, consistently and continuously propelling the company into the internationally renowned successful family company RUD.

In the beginning RUD was a traditional round link chain manufacturer but has developed significantly and provides a comprehensive service and full solutions for round link chains.

“We are more than products we provide solutions. During more than 145 years, we expanded our product range from components to systems and machines. Today, we are a company for solutions with round link chains, especially for Drive Technology in Maritime & Inland-Waterways, Steel Hydraulic Engineering, Dynamic Building Elements, Stage building, Coal Fired Power Plants, Bucket elevators, and Mining. The drive systems TECDOS OMEGA DRIVE and PI-GAMMA are the heart of our machines TOOL MOVER PRO and TOOL SEPARATOR. Moreover we are the leading manufacturer of Industrial Chains for motor-driven and manual hoists.” Kai Eder, Marketing Manager.

RUD has established itself as the RUD Group, a modern, dynamic and globally successful family run company dedicated to looking after its customers, partners and its employees. With a strong stance on being an innovator in its industry while looking after its employees, RUD has increased sales and earnings and is constantly developing new product innovations.

With a growing dominant market presence, RUD operates on a global scale and still maintains the main development and production locations in Aalen, as a Swabian ‘think tank’, which offers future-oriented problem solutions with chain systems and components for an extensive portfolio of applications.

A few noteworthy products within RUD’s range of solutions includes its new innovative round link chain R160. With an improved runtime of at least 50%, the new round steel chain R160 for conveyors and bucket elevators is an innovation in the field of conveyor technology.

“Our round link chain R160 gives chain conveyors a double life time in most cases.” Kai stated.

Benefitting from special chain steel, the steel significantly improves the wear behaviour of the round steel chain R160 with the same breaking force. Specifically designed with a breaking stress of up to 400 N / mm², the R160 is suitable for a variety of environments and is applicable for particularly rough and heavy use requirements, such as in coal-fired power plants.

“Our highly engineered products are Made in Germany and the quality features that they have are extremely tough under extreme conditions.” Kai said.

The RUD TOOL SEPARATOR is another impressive product and milestone for RUD’s Handling Machine product family. The tool enables customers to be able to easily handle larger and heavy injection-moulding, aluminium die-cast, stamping or pressing tools. RUD’s team of in-house experts have integrated its innovative RUD TECDOS PI-GAMMA drive system and the high-end round steel chain, ensuring efficient, cost effective tool management. This enables the tools to be moved quickly and easily, at the touch of a button and the RUD TOOL SEPARATOR is designed to be set to the ideal working height, guaranteeing ergonomic operation. Precise and uncomplicated, the RUD TOOL SEPERATOR is the perfect piece of equipment for tool handling and guarantees that all kinds of objects, regardless of its shape or size are moved easily and safely. In addition, it can also be used with the RUD TOOL MOVER PRO which offers an ideal combination of turning and opening of tools.

The RUD TECDOS PI-GAMMA is a 2-in-1 system that provides drive technology for horizontal, ascending and vertical applications. The drive system is extremely reliable, and is efficient in terms of its flexibility. With its low-noise PI-GAMMA pocket wheel block, the wheel block is attached to the load which enables it to be moved and pulled along the round steel chain or moved to a different location. The drive system is extremely robust and completely unaffected by movements of the ground or the load due to thermal expansion, contraction or torsion.

Another noteworthy TECDOS Drive Technology System is the TECDOS OMEGA DRIVE. Created with a unique appearance, the OMEGA Drive maintains a characteristic shape and name. The drive features a wrap angle of 180 degrees which is particularly recommended for continuous linear (linear drive) or rotating movements. Useful in applications for the onshore and offshore sectors, the typical areas of application include the movement of port and ship cranes, the alignment and adjustment of ship loaders/unloaders and the opening and closing processes of cargo holds. Another application for the OMEGA Drive is its use for rotating or lifting and lowering platforms or driving ferries without propulsion.

One of the company’s most innovative products is RUD’s cloud solution, the RUD COCKPIT. The RUD COCKPIT provides a whole host of benefits for its users including critical asset analysis, improving process security, operating time prediction and targeted planning of service costs. Supporting its users in preventive maintenance and in the planning of services, the RUD COCKPIT is able to connect with the user’s conveyors or machines and analyse their operating conditions to provide a precise overview. Using this overview of data, it allows the user to assess and identify any problem and prevent certain dangerous operating conditions such as inadmissible heat, overfilled discharge hoppers, unusual speeds, stuck rollers, or consumed tensioning path.

Innovating its industries is at the forefront of RUD’s operations and the company maintains a consistent focus on continuous development. RUD is determined to continue expanding and adding to its range of solutions for many years to come. Kai told us that, “We plan to go successfully for the next 145 years!”

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