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Safer lone working

Headquartered in Birmingham, UK, Advance IT Group Ltd is a software development house comprised of business: Advance IT Solutions Ltd and brand: Team Work Smart. Using the latest technologies, the company partners with businesses; translating their objectives into workable, objective led, revenue generating and process improving software solutions.

Advance IT Solutions Ltd is driven by solving problems for the customer through a user centric approach to product innovation and software development. Advance IT Solutions Ltd offers LONEALERT, a BS8484 lone worker protection service that combines a range of panic buttons and fall detection devices that include GPS, an SaaS management portal to monitor lone workers, system utilisation, and a 24×7 monitoring Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

LONEALERT is the most well-known innovation from Advance IT that provides high levels of customer support, is customer led and a offers wide range of options, configurations and flexibility to enable all customers’ needs to be met. “LONEALERT is well matched with manufacturing sites that have their own plants due to our connectivity and complex location solutions,” added Mathew. LONEALERT essentially helps manage lone workers working from varying locations ensuring staff feel connected no matter where they are in the world. By providing quality lone working solutions that are accessible at all times, LONEALERT ensures that in the event of an accident or emergency the right response can be sent immediately. Active in six continents around the world with over 30 million locations managed each month, LONEALERT is a ground-breaking piece of software that your business needs to monitor and protect all lone workers.

LONEALERT is accredited and certified to all relevant standards and will soon be launching a major upgrade of its lone worker app on the 2nd of October 2023. Mathew added, “Alongside the app launch, we have recently launched new devices that resolve connectivity issues for lone workers with Wi-Fi options for locations with poor mobile signal. We are also starting work on a major upgrade to our LONEALERT Portal, the OWL very shortly and have some exciting, but confidential international projects we are working on too.”

Using its customer focused approach, the Lone Worker App has been developed as a response to customer feedback to ensure lone workers can continue to do their job safely and hassle free. The app features NEW designs and features such as two-way communication; enabling real-time communication between lone workers and operatives, enhanced security with biometrics for quick login, a clear and clean user interface, and new emergency mode with real-time information and updates.

Team Work Smart – the second arm of the business, is a construction management software that allows you to manage site compliance and work quality; SOLAR and renewable energy, and Gas and Heating Installation and Maintenance to manage surveys, job booking and scheduling, job completion through to invoicing; as well as a separate product, a Print File converter for Mail Houses that allows conversion of unsupported label formats into formats supported by their machines. “Work smart is developed with low code flexibility so we can configure it to meet customer requirements rather than code it.

Print File Converter is unique as clients have searched long and hard to find a solution, and even the manufacturer couldn’t offer a solution,” said Matthew.

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