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SIEBEC develops innovative solutions for your filtration, purification and recycling challenges

With our continued development of new and innovative products, we would like to introduce our dedicated equipment for the recovery of metals – precious or heavy – contained in diluted or concentrated solutions. They offer a quick return on investment and help to reduce external processing challenges.

Electrum – Electrolysis Metal Recuperator
Designed for the recovery of metals contained in dilute or concentrated solutions, it is capable of recovering very low concentrations (<5ppm) depending on the application without any metal loss.

Effective on all metals: Gold, Palladium, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Silver, Copper, Nickel… It also works for the recovery of toxic metals (heavy metals) in wastewater.

R3 – Resin Metal Recuperator
A compact metal reclaimer with an ion exchange resin to capture metals in ionic form. It has a 1µm pre-filtration on a heat-welded cartridge. A single pass over resin is required. Low flow rate of 0.7m³/hour – ideal for baths with volume less than 300 litres.

R12 – Resin Metal Recuperator
A larger version of the R3 with a superior flow rate of 3m³/hour – for baths over 300 litres.

Discover the many benefits of our metal recovery systems:

  • High capability for recovery of metals – high pump capacity allowing a large number of turnover in a short scale of time.
  • Deposit trapped inside the cartridge – no more loss of metals going back into the solutions.
  • Easy to melt and refine – recovered metals quickly back in process.
  • Efficient on all metals – operating methods available for different materials such as Gold, Palladium, Silver and others in concentrated or rinse bath.
  • Destruction of cyanide – the addition of 10 to 20 g/l of the ECN additives creates a continuous, destruction of cyanides.
  • Recuperation of the Palladium in ionic solutions – the Palladium is recovered by the use of the Pd special cartridges.
  • Recuperation of the Palladium in colloids – addition of the EPd additive and the use of a special cartridge allow the recuperation of the Palladium in colloidal solutions.
  • Recuperation in Gold Strip – the addition of 10 to 20 g/l of the EAu additive make possible the gold recuperation in gold strip bath.
  • Amount of metal recovered known by weight – calculate and monitor your own material recuperation.

GOLDVAC™ – Precious metal recovery vacuum
A vacuum drainer dedicated to the recovery of precious metals. Effective both for emptying machine tools during inventories and for daily vacuuming of lubricated chips in production, it is indispensable to the luxury industry where machining dust and chips represent an important economic issue.

Available in a 400V three-phase version, the GOLDVAC is especially appreciated for its 3M TC version which offers an incomparable suction power when connected to a standard 230V single-phase 16A socket.

To find our more about any of our metal recovery systems or to get a quote please click here.

Our history
SIEBEC is a French company that was founded in 1958, originally specialising in the filtration of surface treatment baths, in order to provide the industry with new and innovative solutions that were both efficient and economical.

Our operation in the UK is based in Stafford and has been supplying the UK and Ireland with a variety of pumps, filters and spares on a next day basis since 1996.

Thanks to continuous research and development, the company has been designing, developing and manufacturing an extensive range of innovative filters and pumps for corrosive liquids for many years. Over the years, SIEBEC has built a reputation within the surface treatment industry thanks to its innovative solutions and competitive pricing. The expertise gained allowed an expansion into the machining and metalworking sectors where fluid filtration problems were encountered. Further expansions into other markets such as the chemical industry, machining and effluent recycling helped the company to grow rapidly.

The company’s ethos from the beginning has been to continually design and develop new solutions. For example, the custom design of filtration skids lead our R+D department to develop new machines in order to respond to the advent of ever more complex customer problems – our effluent treatment stations were created as a result, which today allows many of our customers, in a wide variety of sectors, to operate within the discharge standards imposed by various government regulations.

Today, SIEBEC Group is composed of several entities helping to solve problems related to industrial filtration and the treatment of liquid effluents.

We are proud to have supplied more than 200,000 pumps and filters worldwide to date.

To find out more about SIEBEC, please visit our website at:

Contact: Peter Webster, Sales Manager – SIEBEC UK
T 01785 227700