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Speed up leak detection in vacuum bags with ultrasound imaging

Composite manufacturing requires a perfect vacuum integrity before products can be cured. Any leak in a bag can compromise the final product quality and will require additional time for repair. Current methods, such as human hearing or traditional ultrasonic detectors with earphones, make inspections long and tedious, depending on the operator.

Ultra CE is a hand held device, weighing only 3 lbs. offering 5 hours of battery life

Acoustic imaging makes it possible to visualize vacuum leaks in real time and at a distance. Distran, a pioneer in the detection of industrial defects using ultrasound, makes it possible to pinpoint vacuum leaks’ precise location.

The Distran Ultra CE camera enables any operator to locate air ingress/vacuum leaks ten times faster than before, “The network of sensors filters out ambient sounds to enable detection even in noisy environments,” explains Hermann Prechoux, UK Sales Director. “Our Ultra CE camera helps to improve the overall efficiency of the production process.”

Leaks can be detected at a distance, even up to several meters, in this case: 3 meters

Vacuum leaks create turbulence on either side of the vacuum bag. These produce ultrasound waves propagating through air, in turn picked up by the camera’s 124 microphones at different times, a fraction of a millisecond apart. These temporal differences make it possible to triangulate their origin.

The Ultra CE camera superimposes the location of the vacuum leaks on the optical image visible on the screen and is able to detect several simultaneously.

“Inspection results are immediate and clear. Any operator can therefore carry out conclusive and reliable inspections. Once a vacuum leak has been located, the film can be sealed before treatment,” adds Hermann Prechoux. “Ultra CE confirms that the seal has been restored.”

The camera can capture photos and videos of the inspection, and reports are then generated in just a few clicks using the integrated reporting tool.

Once a vacuum leak has been detected on a film (image above), the repair is carried out and sealing integrity can be immediately restored. Ultra CE will confirm if tightness has been reinstated (image below)


  1. Real time-savers: 10 times faster detection, immediate visual diagnosis and manpower saved on inspection and repairs.
  2. Anyone can use it: the technology is advanced, yet easy to use so any operator can handle the camera.
  3. Proven effectiveness: Ultra CE detects air ingress/vacuum leaks on vacuum bagging films at a distance (several meters), even in their folds.
  4. Active noise suppression: Ultra CE filters out ambient sound and concentrates on the ultrasound emitted by leaks.
  5. Immediate repairs for a qualitative end-product: Ultra CE makes it possible to locate the most difficult, if not impossible, vacuum leaks compared to using traditional methods.
  6. Immediate reporting for accurate assessment of the quality of supplies and qualification of incoming tools.

Contact: Hermann PRECHOUX,
T +33 7 88 24 27 31