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The Gas Sensor Specialists

DD-Scientific was established in 2011 by Daniel Davies, a leading expert in electrochemical electrode design and manufacture. DD-Scientific is a sensor manufacturer that produces potentially lifesaving gas sensors. Boasting a team with unrivalled expertise, DD-Scientific manufactures electrochemical gas sensors for the detection of potentially hazardous gases, with a focus on industrial safety, industrial emissions, domestic safety, and medical breath analysis.

In terms of the company’s location, DD-Scientific has a manufacturing facility in Fareham and maintains sales offices internationally, in Shenzhen, China and Chicago, USA. With over 100 years of experience between the team at DD-Scientific, within gas sensors and gas detection instrumentation, DD-Scientific has a sound understanding of what its clients need; looking after its customers from initial enquiry to finding the best solution, DD-Scientific is dedicated to its customer and ensures that they receive the right support.

Working with a variety of universities and suppliers, DD-Scientific ensures that they provide the highest quality, expertly developed sensors and endeavour to be at the forefront of gas sensor technology. With a strong emphasis on constant development, the company invests heavily in research and development to provide the most innovative and reliable gas detection sensors to meet both current and future needs.

We had the chance to speak to Rob White, Global Sales Manager, who told us more about some of the benefits DD-Scientific can offer its customers. “At the heart of every electrochemical gas sensor is an array of high performance catalytic electrodes. Our expertise is in the high volume manufacture of such electrodes with low variability and high robustness. As a result, our products deliver a very reliable performance over their entire working lifetime. Also, since our products are designed ab initio with high volume in mind, our customers benefit from highly competitive price positions.”

Providing a portfolio of products, DD-Scientific produces a variety of sensors for different applications including common industrial hazards, such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen, chlorine and many others. DD-Scientific also manufactures products suitable for the measurement of industrial or domestic combustion processes, such as in boilers or burners. This is so that the burning process can be tuned to provide optimal fuel efficiency.

In terms of recent developments for the company, DD-Scientific has released the latest additions to their product portfolio; the S+40X and S+40X3 oxygen sensors. Adaptable and rigorously tested, the oxygen sensors are able to work in the most demanding of safety critical applications including extreme temperatures and humidity. The sensors have been specifically designed to provide equipment manufacturers with the highest quality, reliable, worry free oxygen detection. Providing the fastest response time in the market, the sensors have been designed to be efficient, durable and reliable. Cutting cost and response time, the oxygen sensors are the perfect tool to improve customer’s ability to sense and respond quickly to oxygen depletion hazards.

With unprecedented growth and success achieved since the company’s inception, it is clear to see why DD-Scientific have become a leading expert in manufacturing lifesaving electrochemical gas sensors.

For any further information or to view DD-Scientific’s portfolio of products and services, please see the details below.

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