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Turn your documents into an unbeatable, business-accelerating edge with a revolutionary new way to access knowledge

In this issue of Industrial Process News, we are pleased to announce Theum AG as our Knowledge Management and Delivery Company of the Month.

In most businesses, sharing knowledge still consists of overwhelming users with passive access to oceans of documents. After a search engine has narrowed a query to hundreds or even thousands of hits, users are left with the frustrating task of launching and sifting through documents to piece together the knowledge they need. The process is slow, haphazard, and error-prone, and hinders your workforce from achieving excellence.

If daily tasks include efforts like reporting large purchases of merchandise imported from China, providing customers with fast information about your company’s products, ensuring compliance with regulations in over 100 countries, or having to track down the source of the manufacturing problems and adjust procedures to eliminate them, accessing knowledge from multiple sources is a major challenge – one that Theum was designed to address with a click.

As a reputable software publishing house, Theum AG has developed intelligent software called Theum that helps transform libraries of documents from all over your business into attractive, feature-rich knowledge portals that are optimised for fast, intuitive access and navigation on every device.

Its one-of-a-kind, AI-enhanced search delivers exactly the knowledge users need for any task with a single click. This could be for HR, production, corporate, legal, sales, or research tasks within your business. It can be exasperating and time-consuming scrolling through numerous documents to find the exact information you need and piece it all together into an answer. Theum delivers the required information with a click-extracted from every relevant document and organised by context, ready for use on any device.

One of its many benefits is that even new users are able to start straight away with the software, taking full advantage of its high speed, accurate information and expertise. There is no need to change any existing processes or system, as Theum offers a new intelligent way of sharing access knowledge.

This systematic, revolutionary platform was developed in 2016 by Paul Caspers, CEO, and Richard Reed, CTO. Based in Germany, Theum AG offer, “The next generation, disruptive technology that completely revolutionises the way businesses deliver and access knowledge, allowing them to accelerate processes by automating knowledge processes from authoring to delivery to access,” stated Paul Caspers.

With almost every product in the current market stuck in the world of document-orientated search, this can lead to time-consuming risks missing important knowledge. “Search with Theum, and instead of hit lists you get all the knowledge you need from all relevant sources on a page, organised by context and delivered as a ready-to-use ‘answer.’ No need to launch documents or PDFs ever again,” said Paul Caspers.

Recently, Theum 4 for the Azure Cloud was released allowing businesses to get started with their own private version of Theum in just a few clicks. Richard Reed commented, “No custom development or integration project is required to use it, just configure and start. Theum 4 works out of the box with Microsoft Login and SharePoint Online and is scalable to meet any size knowledge needed.” Business and Knowledge Managers from global organisations including Siemens, Suez, and City of Hamburg have all embraced Theum to reduce costs, enhance service levels and improve their competitive edge. Ideal for all sized companies of all sectors, Theum 4 is available for a free trial today.

There is still more to come from Theum AG as Richard Reed explained future plans, “We are currently finalising a new version of Theum (Theum AKS) that runs under Kubernetes, making it serverless and infinitely scalable, especially in the Azure Cloud. This will be followed by the Theum Cloud in 2023, which is currently under development and will support cloud registration and usage without requiring customers to have their own Azure tenant.”

Theum is proven, enterprise-scalable, and generates success on a continuous basis. If you’re looking to improve your company’s quality, productivity, compliance, and agility in an instance, connect your business to Theum today using the information below:
T +49 711 45 1000 10