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UNISIG has unveiled newly developed technologies that substantially improve performance while reducing cost in its larger B-series machines. These advances are introduced in the newly launched B850 model and will be integrated into larger models in the series.

When designing the B850, UNISIG evaluated all aspects of the previous designs. The bed and rack-and-pinion system were retained, while feed systems were modernised to improve rigidity and reduce backlash. A new high-performance, helical-geared transmission was incorporated in a three-range, automatically shifting headstock. Incorporation of modern gearing and power train concepts simplified construction of the machine, reducing cost and boosting reliability and performance.

The B850 also offers a standard programmable coolant system. Combined with user-friendly controls and the other new design features, the machine allows an operator to focus on the part being machined instead of managing a wide variety of manual functions.

Both the work and tool headstocks deliver 166hp, providing the high power and torque needed to drill holes up to 7.1” (180mm) in nickel alloys, 8.7” (221mm) in carbon steel, and 12.6” (320mm) with counter-boring. The B850 model is available with maximum drill depths ranging from 78” to 65’ (1.98m to 19.81m), and the machine bed can accommodate workpieces up to 10 tons (9,071kg).