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Accelerating hollow fibre crossflow filtration solutions for the UK Life Sciences Market

BioPharma Dynamics expand product portfolio to offer market-leading hollow fibre crossflow filtration range, as UK distributor for WaterSep BioSeparations.

Trusted solutions provider, BioPharma Dynamics are excited to announce a new partnership with WaterSep BioSeparations, as the appointed UK Distributor to offer the most effective crossflow filtration products on the market. With extensive knowledge and experience within the UK, BioPharma Dynamics are proud to enhance their offering to customers with this market-leading product range.

Developed for use in key filtration processes, such as Perfusion, Cell Harvest, Clarification, Concentration and Diafiltration. WaterSep’s hollow fibre membranes provide consistent process performance, producing high yields and a shorter processing time. Presenting single use, safe, ready-to-use hollow fibre crossflow filtration that dramatically reduces the time and cost of producing life changing therapeutics.

Established in 2008, the same year that BioPharma Dynamics were incorporated, the product holding has evolved to three product lines: single use Green Line, autoclavable Steamer Line, and the reusable ReUse Line. Integration is made easy, through single use crossflow assemblies, connectors and stands created to fit your process.

Each of the GreenSteamer and ReUse lines are offered in four different lengths 12”, 24”, 41” and 43”, with 8 different cartridge diameters the range covers volumes from 10ml to 1500L and surface areas from 52cm² to 15.42 m²”.

Benefitting from in-house development and manufacture of the hollow fibre membranes, along with on-site assembly of the cartridges. WaterSep are able to deliver the product in market leading delivery times, with close control of quality.

Together with BioPharma Dynamics’ proven background in creating process solutions for customers through from cell therapy development work through to full-scale manufacturing of vaccines and other biopharmaceutical products, this exciting product range allows us to fulfil our customer’s demands for a reliable crossflow filtration solution.

“When we started speaking with WaterSep about their product range, one of the things I noticed early on, was their focus on customer service. The case studies they have worked on, together with knowledge of the customer’s usage of their products, showed a clear understanding of the applications and requirements of the end users and a dedication to offering products that met that need. 

As well as a fantastic product offering and quality focus, it was quite clear that they recognised that one of the biggest challenges in the industry at the moment, particularly within single-use processing, is delivering product in a timely manner. 

I believe the synergy between both companies around dedication to customer service makes for an exciting partnership going forward, that will benefit our customers in the UK.”

-Joe Brennan, Managing Director, BioPharma Dynamics

For more information on the hollow fibre crossflow filtration range and to discuss how BioPharma Dynamics can help you to integrate this technology into your application, contact WaterSep product specialists, for a friendly discussion about your requirements today.

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