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Industrial Process News is proud to present Rheintacho UK Ltd as its Instrumentation Company of the Month.

Originally established in 1919 as Foundrometers Instrumentation Ltd, the highly regarded business specialises in the manufacture, supply and repair of mechanical and electrical instruments for the measurement of rotational movement.

Back in 1980 Foundrometers took over the instrument division of Harding of Leeds and subsequently secured its position as a globally recognised industry leader. For more than 10 years now, Rheintacho UK has been a subsidiary of the German company Rheintacho Messtechnik GmbH.

Rheintacho_640_02The Leeds-based manufacturer was set up with the principle purpose of providing a vast array of customers with an unparalleled level of service and quality surrounding rotational speed instrumentation. Its extensive inventory of products ranges from mechanical & electrical tachometers to handheld tachometers, portable & fixed stroboscopes and speed sensors.

The company is firmly placed in the measurement sector, but its testing capabilities are utilised in many industries, from shipbuilding to printing and production machinery. Its main customers are distributers and OEMs located in the UK or abroad in Europe and the US, and many of its esteemed clients appreciate the fact that the company is one of the very few offering spares and repairs services professionally.

“What makes us stand out from competitors is our high level of quality, our flexibility and speed in connection with delivery reliability and spare parts or repairs,” Paul Hargraves, Director of Rheintacho UK, said. “In addition, our parent company is specialised in sensor technology as a complement technology to our mechanical and electrical products.”

Rheintacho_640_04The business’s renowned commitment to providing complete customer satisfaction extends to flexibility in terms of its S&R services (spares and repairs), as Rheintacho UK is willing to fix not only their own products, but also their competitors’. Even instruments from closed companies can be repaired, regardless of how old they may be. If not, they will find an alternative solution.

Rheintacho UK work under the influence of economic, human and socially focused responsibility. “Our mission is to be successful, but to stay human at the same time,” Paul explained. “We operate having acquired a Corporate and Social Responsibility Code of Conduct (ZVEI), and we want to be a leader in efficiency, innovation and quality while running a business focused on a fair partnership with our customers and suppliers alike.”

Rheintacho_640_03The company places a direct emphasis on product development and further progression, prioritising innovation and efficiency alongside high value and effective customisation. The last 18 months saw the introduction of a very successful line of handheld tachometers (HTMs) – which is also available in an ATEX version – exemplifying its dedication to continued expansion and advancement.

The future is set to be promising for Rheintacho UK, who will be focusing specifically on enlarging its portfolio and securing more jobs in the UK in 2015 and beyond. There are many developments in the pipeline for the notable supplier, who will be receiving further product families from Rheintacho Messtechnik GmbH throughout the course of the next few years.

Contact: Paul Hargraves
T 0113 287 4411