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Cutting edge drones deliver vital NHS medical supplies in Versapak carriers

The recent introduction of state-of-the-art medical drones that are now being utilised by the NHS has revolutionised the way that essential blood samples, test results, drugs and treatments are transported in the UK.

The ability to rapidly deliver vital medical supplies can mean the difference between life and death for some patients. This is also particularly important for hospitals and healthcare sites that are set in distant or remote locations, where the use of drones has halved road-based delivery times.

It is essential that medical supplies such as blood samples, plasma, or chemotherapy drugs are not only delivered with urgency, but that they are also protected from damage, precisely temperature-controlled, and secured against unauthorised access.

Working in partnership with medical drone specialists and operators, Versapak medical carriers provide the security needed for these urgent supplies to be transported swiftly to where they are needed most. You can see the drone in action here on a recent episode of BBC’s The One Show (from 01:15).

When in-flight, Versapak’s range of high-quality, tamper evident medical carriers prove their value. Built-in impact protectors and internal padding ensure the protection of samples, and rigid, insulated walls offer further safety.

These also maintain the temperature inside the bag, which is crucial in the transportation of medical specimens, and Versapak’s optional cooling elements, freeze boards and thermal barriers allow for even more precise temperature control. To ensure the content remains tamper free they are sealed with one of Versapak’s premium T2 security seals.

Versapak is proud to work with partner companies to provide innovative, technical solutions for the vital and rapidly evolving area of medical supply delivery.

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