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DD-Scientific: Making sense in an unsafe world

DD-Scientific was founded in 2011 by Daniel Davies, a leading expert in electrochemical electrode design and manufacture. Boasting a team with unrivalled expertise, DD-Scientific manufactures electrochemical gas sensors for the detection of potentially hazardous gases, with an acute focus on industrial safety, industrial emissions, domestic safety, and medical breath analysis.

Since its inception, DD-Scientific has seen exponential growth and now produces a potentially lifesaving gas sensor every seven seconds. With a manufacturing facility in Portchester near Portsmouth, DD-Scientific also has sales offices in Shenzhen, China and Chicago, USA, proof that their leading skillset is recognised worldwide. Its team has over 100 years of experience between them in gas sensors and gas detection instrumentation, and these dual credentials ensure DD-Scientific has a sound understanding of what their clients need.

The company’s products convert a physical property, gas concentration, into a measurable electrical signal. When incorporated into suitable detection systems, this can then be used to warn employees if they are at risk of poisoning or asphyxiation.

As well as producing sensors to measure a range of common industrial hazards, such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen, chlorine and many others, DD-Scientific also manufactures products suitable for the measurement of industrial or domestic combustion processes, such as in boilers or burners. This is so that the burning process can be tuned to provide optimal fuel efficiency. We had the chance to speak to Rob White, Global Sales Manager, who told us more about some of the benefits DD-Scientific can offer its customers. “At the heart of every electrochemical gas sensor is an array of high performance catalytic electrodes. Our expertise is in the high volume manufacture of such electrodes with low variability and high robustness. As a result, our products deliver a very reliable performance over their entire working lifetime. Also, since our products are designed ab initio with high volume in mind, our customers benefit from highly competitive price positions.”

To add to its impressive portfolio of industry-leading products, DD-Scientific has recently launched a range of high performance sensors for the emissions market, optimised for the rigorous demands of monitoring flue gas. These sensors are primed for the unique demands of this market, and have high poison resistant and active catalysts combined with large electrolyte reservoirs and high capacity filters. What’s more, the sensors are also designed to meet the statutory performance requirements of EN50379, parts 1, 2, and 3. Most notably, this range includes the S+5OX, a robust oxygen sensor, and the GS+A5CO, an innovative hydrogen immune carbon monoxide sensor.

The S+5OX is a heavy duty sensor designed for the measurement of oxygen in flue gas applications. It is pin and package compatible with industry standard 5 Series and provides reliable sensing in the dirtiest of environments. The electrolyte reservoir is optimised to cope with the challenging humidity conditions of this application, and the high activity catalysts will provide very low drift and fast response times throughout the device’s working lifetime.

The GS+A Series is a range of high performance carbon monoxide sensors which are optimised for the measurement of flue gas containing high levels of carbon monoxide, where hydrogen may also be present. The sensors contain two sensing electrodes, one which measures both carbon monoxide and hydrogen, and one which measures only hydrogen. By subtraction, the concentration of both gases can then be calculated.

As well as its impressive product portfolio, DD-Scientific is dedicated to its customers, striving to support them as much as possible with fast, honest and collaborative assistance. Whether the company is small or large, DD-Scientific treats each of its customers in the same way, ensuring they are fully assisted throughout the entire process, from an initial enquiry to finding the most appropriate solution for their needs.

Recently, DD-Scientific has extended its manufacturing facility and it is currently expanding the building to incorporate a new Research and Development facility. With a strong foundation upon which it can build, DD-Scientific has some aspirational future goals with ambitious product development plans. In order to support this, the company has invested heavily in Research and Development scientists and engineers, and DD-Scientific is planning to release between 7–10 new products in 2019 alone. DD-Scientific is often in attendance at trade shows in the US and China, and their latest one was Sensor+Test in Nuremberg, Germany. This was a highly successful three-day event for the company, with numerous existing and new clients visiting its stand.

With a remarkable array of accolades since its inception eight years ago, the future remains bright for DD-Scientific, as the company cements itself as a leading expert in manufacturing lifesaving electrochemical gas sensors. If you would like to find out more information on DD-Scientific’s full range of products and services, head to the website. Alternatively, get in touch using the contact details below.

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