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Digital Edge Subsea

Digital Edge Subsea supplies the oil and gas industry with its digital video recording system.

The company, established more than 10 years ago, has nurtured strong customer relationships that has allowed for honest customer feedback, and this has been incorporated into the development of the Version 5 Edge DVR.

Conversations continue and now Digital Edge are pleased to be able to offer further software that will help their customers to serve their clients better.

Data Archive App
Digital Edge will soon release a data storage and back-up solution that uses an integral app within Edge architecture, to avoid needing a 3rd party app. Edge Archive handles the transfer of data from the internal DVR drives to Client storage, either on a NAS, a Raid, or a phased delivery to multiple external hard drives.

Being a Native app, the data transfer ensures that the quality of Live recordings are not impacted by a 3rd party program trying to access the same file that the DVR app is currently using. Ensuring recorded data integrity and quality is of the highest importance.

Archive can act as a Simple data mirror of the correct internal drive data folders, or can be used to create multiple simultaneous backups of Client Deliverables. This can be done in continuous backup or a phased approach, ie. after each dive.

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