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Engineering excellence

Industrial Process News is pleased to announce KOSO Kent Introl as our Control & Choke Valve Manufacturer of the Month.

KOSO Kent Introl engineer and supply high-quality valves to perform in some of the most severe service conditions throughout the world. As experienced valve manufacturers, the company has built a reputation for providing high-performance products on time at competitive prices.

Its products can be found across the globe and are backed by first-class technical expertise and a professional aftersales service that helps customers that operate in some of the world’s most demanding industries. While the opportunities may be vast, the consequences of failure can also be catastrophic. Its engineering quality, customer focus and fast technical responses give its customers the peace of mind they need.

Established in 1967, KOSO Kent Introl was initially known as Introl Ltd, since then, the company has had several changes of names and ownership. “Having worked in dynamic sectors such as Upstream, Midstream and Downstream oil, gas and power, we have become accustomed to embracing and adapting to changes and using them to our advantage,” stated Stuart Billingham, Sales Director.

KOSO Kent Introl is part of the larger KOSO family which is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The KOSO Group has over 30 manufacturing plants and offices around the world, with the UK main facility situated in Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

Specialists in a plethora of industries, over the years KOSO Kent Introl has diversified across sectors such as oil and gas, petrochemical, power and industrial. In each of these sectors, KOSO Kent Introl has gained the trust of some of the world’s largest names. KOSO Kent Introl design and manufacture high-performance, reliable valves and solutions that meet and exceed all customer’s needs. “Initially we were focused on the oil and gas industry, and to date this remains a key area of interest for us and accounts for a significant amount of our business. Another key area for us is subsea. We entered into this market in the late 80s with our subsea Choke range of products and over the years we have delivered some industry firsts in this segment,” explained Stuart.

With over 50 years’ experience within the industry, KOSO Kent Introl’s team has an extensive application knowledge that can solve any customer enquiry or problem. Its broad range of products and technical solutions can be utilised to design from first principles to the development of bespoke specific solutions. “We specify, design, machine, assemble and test in a controlled environment using only the best quality suppliers and tools. Our aftermarket team can globally support the product in the field, from spares and service right through to upgrades or retrofit solutions for both surface and subsea products. We can also offer Cradle to Grave care and support of our product,” said Stuart.

Through integrity, honesty and fairness, KOSO Kent Introl win and retain customers by developing and providing products and services that help them run their businesses more successfully. Some of these customers include BP, Shell, Exxon Mobil, Chevron and many more. In addition, the company also support the EPC’s and OEMS/integrators who supply into the oil and gas sector on a global scale.

Continuously looking to grow and evolve, KOSO Kent Introl remain heavily invested in the purchase of new machine tools to improve its efficiency and quality to systems and new techniques for the future, such as Additive Manufacture. We spoke with Stuart, who explained the company’s future plans, “Our main focus is to strengthen and increase our position in our current markets globally, while also enhancing our capabilities in the subsea area. The drive to de-carbonise the energy sector is leading to some exciting challenges and potential new markets for us to explore and develop.”

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