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Innovec Controls: providing solutions that work

Industrial Process News is proud to feature Innovec Controls for its industry leading standards of quality and reliability across its entire range of instrumentation.

Established in 1987 by Rob Newman, Innovec Controls is an Australia-based designer and manufacturer of process control instruments for the oil and chemical industries, and LED safety lighting products for public transport, which are known throughout the world for their high quality and unbeatable reliability. Innovec Controls’ LED safety lighting is used extensively in Australia on Metro and suburban rail and tram networks, as well as freight rolling stock locomotives, and its process control instruments have been designed and produced to perfectly suit customers’ needs. Innovec Controls’ process control range includes: additive injection controllers, alarms & level systems, automotive instruments, batch controllers & flow measurement, calibrators, motor positioners, process indicators, and totalisers.

Using this leading technology, Innovec Controls is committed to its mission to increase customers’ productivity and add true value to the industry. By providing reliable, accurate and user-friendly instruments, Innovec Controls offers outstanding solutions with application-based designs and ranks among the leading providers of innovative products for niche market segments, a position which is enhanced by the company’s strong reputation for quality products and competitive prices.

Innovec Controls’ flexibility and technical strengths are ideal for various markets with end users in mining, transport, utilities, and food processing. The company also produces micro-controller-based instruments, which involves the design of PCBs and a thorough knowledge of the latest developments in electronic componentry.

Certainly, Innovec Controls’ customer base is vast, offering liquid batching and additive injection in explosion proof and standard housings, level measurements using ultrasound, and pressure sensors with communication using the mobile phone network to the cloud.

Batch controllers and flow measurement
One of Innovec Controls’ particular ranges is its batch controllers and flow measurement, which includes products ranging from totalisers with an integral printer, which are used in truck mounted dispensing systems, to the IBS and IBL batch controllers, which are used for accurate control and two-stage batching in liquid transfer or repetitive filling of containers on a production line. These can interface to all industry standard flow sensors, be supplied in explosion proof or standard housings, and are user programmable, with digital or analogue inputs and relay or analogue outputs.

With a continuous programme of research, development and innovation, Innovec Controls has released a new version of its IBS Batch Controller, which features numeric data entry. The IBS is an 85-265VAC or 12-40VDC powered batch controller for liquids, incorporating a Blue Graphical OLED display. It can be configured from the front panel to batch volumes ranging from 0.001 to 999,999.99 litres.

Another product of note is the IBLEXD Batch Controller, an explosion proof batcher for liquids. The instrument can accept inputs from 0 to 1KHZ which is input type selectable for all the common sensor types from 20mV peak to peak.

The IBLEXD blends a 64 x 128 Mono Graphics (LCD) display with a fully integrated RGB (Red, Green and Blue) back light offering a wide viewing angle with a viewing distance of up to five metres. The panel switches at the front of the instrument are EXD approved with positive action. For rare emergency situations, the IBLEXD has a flawless backup plan to ensure that information is not lost. The instrument conveniently stores background running total in EEPROM memory during loss of power and incorporates a low flow alarm. The low flow alarm displays LF ERR if no pulses are received within a programmed period of time and the batch will be cancelled.

IBL Batch Controller case study
Increasingly, manufacturers are turning to Innovec Controls’ IBL Batch Controller. One example is a Melbourne chemical manufacturer, which chose the company’s reliable technology to implement an eight-head filling machine.

Omega Chemicals needed to achieve more accurate volumes and greater output for each production batch, so turned to Innovec Controls for help in implementing an eight-head controller to run pumps, take signals from magnetic flow meters and drive conveyors.

The Innovec IBC Batch Controller allowed Omega Chemicals to accurately measure and batch from eight heads simultaneously. The flow of liquid chemicals to eight containers at once provided a smooth error-free production of filling systems, minimising downtime and maintenance costs.

Thus, the IBL Batch Controller offered Omega Chemicals a more cost-effective, better management of the batching process, which saved time and is more user friendly for staff.

Additive Injection Controllers
Innovec Controls also offers a range of additive injection controllers, most notably the IAC Additive Injection Controller for liquids. The device comes with one wild flow input, six additive flow inputs all galvanically isolated and is universally powered: 85 – 265VAC or 10 – 40VDC. The IAC incorporates a Mono graphics LCD display (128 x 64 pixels) with an RGB backlight which ensures that use is as easy and clear as possible.

With an advanced processor, open collector input for main flow and additive flow, twelve relay outputs and 1 x analogue input for temperature compensation, the IAC is a must have for any businesses needing simple to use injection controller solutions. The combination of the controller and additive injection unit offers a uniquely compact additive injection system which is configured by push buttons on an infrared remote control or RS485 communication via a host using industry standard protocols.

Process Totalisers case study
A few years ago, Innovec Controls’ innovative CO8WP Powered Process Totaliser was used to help Tyrrell’s Wines accurately measure the liquid flow of wine used in varietal wines. The wines needed to be transferred from wine tanks at Pokolbin into smaller containers for production runs, which was achieved using pumps on trolleys that are moved between the tanks. The amounts transferred by pumping were hard to accurately visualise on a per litre basis using existing equipment, and this process was highly time consuming.

Tyrrell’s approached W.E. Ware, a South Australian manufacturer of quality stainless steel wine equipment and wine equipment supplier. W.E. Ware has extensive experience in liquid transfer and measurement in the food and beverage industry and suggested an Innovec Controls Process Totaliser. This Innovec ‘controller’ displays the flow measurement from an existing flow meter. An Innovec CO8WP Powered Process Totaliser with user programmable K factor and 8-digit 25mm character height display was installed on the wine transfer pump units at the Pokolbin facility. The Innovec CO8WP Powered Process Totaliser allowed Tyrrell’s to more accurately visualise, monitor and transfer the required amount of wine that needed to be pumped from each tank on the trolleys. It allowed for continuous monitoring of the wine flow per litre and a ‘pulse per litre’ analysis. With its brighter and larger, high contrast LED display, the CO8WP Totaliser enabled the operator to count the liquid flow value to the required litres. The result was better management of the process which saved time and was more convenient for staff. Tyrrell’s said the Innovec CO8WP met its technical and functional requirements and was a cost-effective solution.

LED Safety Lighting case study
As a testament to the quality and reliability of Innovec Controls’ products, a Norway based railway company adopted Innovec Controls’ simple but highly effective safety lighting for use on trains in the robust and testing conditions of the Arctic cold. The manufacturer was already using Innovec Controls’ lighting, but this new challenge required four large holes on the front of the train, for aesthetic and cost-saving reasons, so they asked Innovec Controls for a more compact system.

The Innovec development team decided to combine the read and white marker lights into one system, to make the LEDMLD. This reduced cost dramatically for metal cutting and shrunk the need for four separate lights to just two, while increasing the aesthetic value of the vehicle to create a truly modern design. The LEDMLD continues to be sold on a global scale, from Port Augusta, South Australia, to the United States, all the way to the Arctic Circle in Norway and Sweden.

So what’s next for Innovec Controls?
Since its inception, the company has grown impressively and expanded its customer base to include numerous industries across the globe. Operating in markets in Australia, North America, Scandinavia and Asia, Innovec Controls remains intent on expanding its reach in the UK, India and the USA, and has witnessed admirable growth over the past few years.

With such an impressive range of products, Innovec Controls should be your number one choice for any of your process control requirements. Informed by decades of experience and underpinned by meticulous health & safety and quality controls, Innovec Controls’ range is sure to deliver exactly what you need.

If you would like to find out more information on Innovec Controls’ full range of products, get in touch using the contact details below.

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