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Magnaflux raises bar with new innovative developer to speed up inspection process of NDT

Magnaflux launches a new environmentally friendly non-destructive testing product in Europe, Middle East and Africa regions. The ZP-4D is a non-combustible dry powder developer for form A penetrant testing that is ideal for highly sensitive fluorescent penetrant processes. ZP-4D is applied to oven dried parts following the use of penetrants and forms a thin film on parts that enhances the visibility of ultra-fine discontinuities. ZP-4D can be used within a variety of industries including Aerospace and Automotive Industries. It is ideal for use on Castings, Turbine and critical components highlighting defects with cracks, seams and porosity.

Magnaflux is a global leader in non-destructive testing solutions, partnering with manufacturers, test labs and field inspectors to make the world a safer place. With a manufacturing operation in Swindon, Wiltshire it sets an uncompromising stance on safety and performance which is why generations of NDT professionals continue to rely on Magnaflux’s unparalleled products and services to ensure the very best quality control for their most critical components.

Magnaflux offers a range of NDT testing techniques including liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, and ultrasonic testing.