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On track for success: A smooth relocation for Schaltbau Transportation

As a leading provider of train sanitation, door systems, interiors, and climate control solutions, Schaltbau Transportation UK helps to ensure the comfort and safety of rail passengers across the UK.

But even industry leaders need to shift gears sometimes. When Schaltbau decided to relocate their business overseas, they turned to BPI Asset Disposal Solutions to orchestrate a smooth and efficient move, and ensure their valuable equipment found new life.

The challenge
Schaltbau Transportation UK was already familiar with BPI’s expertise, and approached them during a crucial phase of their business development – an overseas relocation. The task – to efficiently sell off surplus engineering equipment, tools, and racking, maximising returns and minimising disruption to their core operations.

The solution
Understanding the importance of a swift and streamlined relocation, BPI deployed a dedicated project manager to Schaltbau’s UK facility. They meticulously catalogued a diverse range of assets, including:

A substantial inventory of engineering equipment and tools crucial for train maintenance; Industrial racking for efficient storage; Unique industry assets including a 1,700mm x 530mm Techno Wash Pneumatic Parts Washing Bath – a specialised tool for train part cleaning.

BPI’s expertise extended far beyond cataloguing. To ensure each asset reached the right buyer, they implemented a proactive marketing campaign which included online advertising platforms used by engineering and railway industry professionals, along with presence in industry publications relevant to train maintenance and component suppliers.

BPI then conducted a well-organised online auction, maximising exposure and ensuring a smooth experience for both Schaltbau and potential buyers. This involved high-quality photography and detailed descriptions for each item.

The results
BPI’s strategic approach achieved impressive results for Schaltbau Transportation UK.

One of these was these was a swift site clearance including the auction and removal of assets, which was completed within a remarkable six weeks. This minimised disruption for Schaltbau and ensured a smooth transition to their new overseas location.

BPI’s targeted marketing strategies ensured their assets achieved fair market value, including finding a new home for the specialised Techno Wash Parts Washing Bath within the railway industry.

Richard Travis, Industrial Specialist at BPI, explains BPI’s approach, “Our goal is to be a seamless partner during critical business transitions. For Schaltbau Transportation UK, that meant exceeding expectations on two fronts. Firstly, by achieving a swift site clearance, we minimised disruption and ensured they met their tight relocation deadlines.”

“Secondly, our targeted marketing ensured their valuable equipment found new owners within the railway industry. It’s this kind of win-win outcome that underscores the value we bring to our clients.”

BPI’s client-centric approach fosters trust and long-term partnerships. The team work closely with businesses like Schaltbau to understand their unique needs, develop customised disposal strategies, and ensure a smooth transition.

This allows companies to focus on their core operations while BPI handles the complexities of asset relocation.

By partnering with BPI Asset Disposal Solutions, businesses like Schaltbau Transportation UK can navigate relocations confidently. BPI’s expertise streamlines the process, maximises returns on assets, and frees companies up to focus on the future.

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