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Watlow to host webinar on data-driven electric heating

Thermal solutions provider, Watlow is hosting a webinar on the role of data in electrifying thermal processes. Taking place at 9:00am EST (2:00pm BST) on 14th May 2024, the half-hour webinar will advise engineers on how to navigate the electric heat transition brought about by global decarbonisation trends.

With Deloitte data showing that a comprehensive Industry 4.0 strategy can boost business profitability, ‘Turning Up the Heat — Data’s Role in Electrifying Thermal Processes’ will equip engineers with the necessary knowledge to adopt data-driven heating systems. The online event will provide actionable insights for engineers in fields where process heating is essential, such as medical equipment, semiconductor processing and food manufacturing.

Attendees will be able to discover the benefits of using data analytics to support the integration of complete thermal systems, as well as gaining an understanding of the key components that should be monitored within the setup. There will also be the opportunity to explore case studies that show how data-led thermal systems can result in cost savings and increased uptime.

The webinar will be led by Chelsea Hogard, Engineering Team Leader for Watlow’s Industry 4.0 Development Team. With half a decade of engineering experience, Chelsea has delivered education sessions, carried out field service and researched advanced control methods. Her background in teaching maths, physics and engineering makes her well-suited to delivering data analytics training to help customers solve electric heating challenges.

“While global sustainability targets have made decarbonisation a key consideration across manufacturing and engineering, the electric transition also brings understandable concerns about its implications on processes,” explained Hogard.

“Watlow is committed to educating our customers on the importance of electrifying heating processes to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and cut carbon emissions. We want to challenge the perception that electrification challenges present a problem for industry and instead demonstrate how a data-informed approach can provide cost-saving and efficiency benefits.”

‘Turning Up the Heat — Data’s Role in Electrifying Thermal Processes’ will be hosted online at 9:00am EST (2:00am BST) on 14th May 2024. To register for the webinar, please click here.