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Pacson: Setting the standard

Industrial Process News is delighted to feature Pacson Limited as a prime Valve Developer which now offers a turnkey manufacturing service for other industries.

Pacson_652_02The privately owned Scottish company, which is headed by Owner and Director Mr. Keith Crawford, was founded in October 1988 and has since excelled progressively to become a well-established brand serving the worldwide market.

A predominant supplier of high integrity isolation valves including Ball, Gate, Needle and Check varieties with pressure ratings up to 20,000 psi for severe service and highly critical applications. Pacson is using this established skill set to offer turnkey manufacturing capabilities for organisations within any industry (rather than just concentrating on one sole market). Pacson_652_03Derek Mason, Business Development Manager (UK & Europe) at Pacson, explained more: “Our valve product line is targeted at upstream oil & gas (namely exploration & production companies, 1st tier integrators and EPCI companies), however our turnkey manufacturing service can be utilised by anyone needing highly controlled sub-contract procurement, machining, assembly and testing services all in one package. This adds another string to Pacson’s bow and enables us to weather the ‘peaks and troughs’ of the oil & gas industry.”

“Focussing on the turnkey manufacturing aspect, our 25 years of experience in the oil & gas industries along with significant investments in ERP/MRP systems, plant and machinery upgrades ensure that Pacson exercises precise control over all aspects of our production processes. We enable the customer to focus their procurement and manufacturing capability on those aspects of production that are most important to them by contracting out less important but difficult, complex and high-value sub-assemblies, assemblies and products (thus freeing up people and resources to reduce their working capital).”

Pacson_652_04The world-leading developer of onshore and offshore valve applications has gone through several significant changes in the past few years. In 2008 the team relocated from its modest site in Carnoustie to a larger factory in Dundee in order to better deal with the industry demand and to make the most of their manufacturing abilities. Its recent focus on its turnkey services is the latest development; offering more sophisticated sub-assemblies, assemblies and products that are challenging in their sourcing, production and certification means that customers can get the manufacturing services they need to the exact specification as and when they want them.

Pacson_652_05This includes the provision of high value components – for example, those typically comprised partially or wholly of exotic metals and corrosion-resistant alloys – and multiple parts that need precision machining, extreme testing and complex procurement management. Delivering to the end user the exact number of units as per their request, Pacson can provide a ‘plug & play’ supply.

Derek concluded: “Going forwards we are going to place a direct focus on expanding our turnkey manufacturing facilities and services as the aim is for this to become a significant part of our business. We attend many oil & gas related events such as Offshore Europe 2015, Subsea Expo 2016 and the Subsea Tie-Back Forum in Texas (USA) 2016.”

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