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PANOLIN offers sustainable lubricants

Industrial Process News is proud to announce as our Environmentally Considerate Lubricant Company of the Month, PANOLIN UK Ltd.

This year, PANOLIN AG celebrates its 70th birthday, and with it 70 years of incontrovertible success. Established by Bernard Laemmle in 1949, the company’s global headquarters is based in Zurich, Switzerland, however as an international specialist, PANOLIN’s reach stretches to a global market. The company is a producer and distributor of lubricants, used across multiple industries. PANOLIN also uniquely produces a range of Environmentally Considerate Lubricants (ECLs). Reaching the UK market for many years via a distributor, the PANOLIN UK subsidiary was established in 2016 and, reflecting stellar growth in that time, is now relocating to Leeds, West Yorkshire.

PANOLIN UK’s Paul Holland tells us “PANOLIN has ECLs firmly positioned as our core competence. The increasing awareness for pollution caused by many chemicals, including lubricants, promotes the use of environmentally considerate products. There is a clear trend towards a more responsible use of lubricants and several legislations already limit the use in some applications. ECLs are readily biodegradable, and minimally toxic to the environment. Products conceived, formulated and manufactured by us serve global markets where demands for environmental protection are increasing continually. The aim of environmentally considerate PANOLIN lubricants is to use machines and equipment in the most environmentally protective way possible and to do so with the highest technical performance and the best economy whether for hydraulics, engines, drives or transmissions – all meeting or exceeding up-to-date standards including biodegradability, bio-accumulation and aquatic toxicity. PANOLIN fully-saturated synthetic ester technology hydraulic fluid for example can even be considered as a ‘for life’ solution in some circumstances but in any circumstance can outperform and outlive other biodegradable and mineral-oil based fluids.”

PANOLIN products have gained global recognition for enhancing the performance of the machines to which they are applied, while minimising the cost to the customer. Many of the company’s products carry OEM approvals and the environmental certification that necessitates them being used on a wide range of applications within an equally broad range of circumstances. The company delivers to an extensive list of industries, all of which benefit greatly from utilising PANOLIN’s products. From construction, mining and forestry to hydro-power, offshore, marine and subsea applications, PANOLIN’s lubricants assure reliability and asset utilisation with effective cost control. Notable mentions of machines lubricated with PANOLIN’s products are the London Eye, which has been filled with PANOLIN HLP SYNTH since 1999, the Panama Canal, with 170 units on its lock gates being filled with PANOLIN, and Mont Saint-Michel, which relies on a PANOLIN filled hydraulic dam to ensure that it remains an island.

PANOLIN HLP Synth and ATLANTIS ranges of hydraulic fluids encompass what can be made possible by simply embracing specialised oil technology. Securing superior performance, economic viability and environmental sustainability is simultaneously achievable with PANOLIN. For example, the hydraulic system, which has (justly) had to adapt over recent years to an increasing technical and environmental demand, requires now a hydraulic fluid that goes beyond a generic specification. PANOLIN ECLs are designed specifically to achieve this, making them the ideal lubricant for such systems. Users are offered extended oil life expectancy through definitive resistance to mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses resulting in improved system protection and lower cost of ownership.

Despite already boasting an impressive line of lubricant technology, PANOLIN has no plans to halt product research and development. With demands for more innovative and sustainable lubricant solutions constantly increasing, the company is always thinking ahead. Introducing positive environmental changes to industries across the board is an aim nearly all companies of a similar nature to PANOLIN strive to achieve, however there are none that achieve it quite as effectively and efficiently as PANOLIN.

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