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Innovec launches IBLEXD Batch Controller

Industrial Process News is delighted to announce as the winner of our Commitment to Excellence Award, Innovec for its continuous dedication to bringing its customers the most innovative and efficient solutions.

Over the last 12 months Innovec, a control instrument and LED safety light product designer and manufacturer, has focused largely on establishing a presence in the UK and Europe. Innovec is based in St Leonards, Australia, and provides solutions for businesses worldwide.

The company has always adhered to a policy of focusing on various niches including flow measurement products, fuel blending, batching systems, additive injection, combined batching and additive injection, external LED safety lighting for passenger rail, external LED safety lighting for tram applications and external LED safety lighting for Rail locomotive applications.

When supplying products that relate to safety and wellbeing, ensuring that customers can trust you is imperative. Innovec acknowledges how vital this is and subsequently keeps to a rigid code of health and safety practices. Innovec has recently received updated ISO9001:2015 certification that lasts until 2020. Working under such a recognised regulatory system has given the company global credibility and helped Innovec garner a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy business. As a result of Innovec’s reliability as a company sales growth has far exceeded expectation.

The company has newly introduced the IBLEXD Batch Controller. The instrument can accept inputs from 0 to 1KHZ and is DIP switch selectable for open collector, reed, Hall, Namur and turbine signals from 20mV peak to peak. The IBLEXD blends a 64 x 128 Mono Graphics (LCD) display with a fully integrated RGB (Red, Green and Blue) back light offering a wide viewing angle with a viewing distance of up to five metres. The panel switches at the front of the instrument are EXD approved with positive action. For rare emergency situations, the IBLEXD has a flawless backup plan to ensure that information is not lost. The instrument conveniently stores background running total in EEPROM memory during loss of power and incorporates a low flow alarm. The low flow alarm displays LF ERR if no pulses are received within a programmed period of time and the batch will be cancelled.

As well as the IBLEXD the company has launched its IAI6 Additive Injection Controller for liquids. The device comes with all inputs and outputs galvanically isolated and is universally powered: 85 – 265VAC or 10 – 40VDC. The IAI6 incorporates a Mono graphics LCD display (128 x 64 pixels) which ensures that use is as easy and clear as possible. With an advanced processor, selectable open collector or turbine input for main flow, six relay outputs and 1 x analogue input for temperature compensation, the IAI6 is a must have for any businesses needing simple to use injection controller solutions. The combination of the controller and additive injection unit offers a uniquely compact additive injection system which is configured by push buttons on an infrared remote control or RS485 communication via a host.

Innovec’s future plans centre on growing its identity and presence and ensuring that all products and services it provides adhere to the company’s purpose. Getting the word out is of course essential for any business, with this in mind Innovec hopes to penetrate the UK and European markets with the same ferocity that it has done in Australia, Asia and Scandinavia. Upon receiving the award, Rob Newman said this, “We are pleased to have received this award as it validates our belief in the manufacture of quality and high reliability products.” For more information on Innovec and its product range see the details listed below.

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