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Industrial Process News is proud to present Contrec as its Flow Instrumentation Company of the Month.

Although officially established in 2011, the business has roots dating back to 1980 in Melbourne, Australia. Over three decades of engineering excellence combined with state-of-the-art technology has enabled the brand to become world leaders in the field of flow instrumentation.

120A (one of the 100 series versions)
120A (one of the 100 series versions)

The manufacturer of electronic flow instrumentation for process and petroleum industries has the proficiency to measure, calculate, display, monitor, output, control and synchronise; providing clients with cost-effective solutions for even the most demanding and challenging of installations. All of its innovative products ensure complete compliancy with the latest international standards and they effectively assist customers in controlling costs, maximising safety and sustaining quality.

“In terms of the benefits over our competitors, I would say one of our main advantages is that we can provide dedicated flow solutions for both safe and hazardous installations,” commented Craig Naylor, Director of Contrec. “We were one of the very first companies to introduce electronic displays into the flow industry, and our products are designed to the latest international standards on accuracy and precision – they are renowned for being rugged and highly reliable.”

One of our existing explosion proof housings
One of our existing explosion proof housings

Contrec has just updated its popular 100 series product range; highly accurate field instrumentation designed for the process industry. The line is largely economical and is typically used in field applications where a robust, weatherproof IP67 unit will provide the best solution. This advancement ensures that all of the models included feature simple programming and large displays for ease of use as well as input linearisation for increased precision.

“We have recently purchased the manufacturing rights from Honeywell Inc, USA, and brought the production operation back from Honeywell’s Indian facility,” Craig commented when asked about the company’s current developments and future plans. “We are presently working on the redesign of electronics for next generation applications and also a new explosion proof enclosure.”

Contrec is based in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, but its global status is courtesy of its further facilities placed in Birmingham, Alabama, USA & Melbourne; offices which enable the company to attain a greater prominence in the market. Its capabilities can be employed across multiple sectors, including the energy, process, oil & gas, chemical, food & beverage and power generation factions.

Contrec’s office in the United States
Contrec’s office in the United States

The company itself supplies via its global distribution network and several OEMs and is distinguished for successfully adapting to the rise in automation within the petroleum industry with its specialist manufacture of highly advanced tanker loading systems for road, rail and barge filling applications.

Contrec has confirmed that its team frequently attends FPS, the Federation Petroleum Suppliers exhibition, which takes place in the UK. Their roster for appearances at trade shows coming up in 2016 includes Stocexpo Antwerp, the world’s leading international event for the tank terminal industry, and ILTA Houston, the event put into place exclusively for the International Liquid Terminals Association.

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