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Schmersal launches respiratory protection mask to FFP2 standard

The Schmersal Group has developed a particle-filtering half-face mask without exhalation valve. The reusable SPM100 respiratory protection mask satisfies the requirements of EN 149:2001+A1+2009 FFP2 and is available for delivery as of now. The mask is designed to reliably protect medical staff and employees at other exposed work locations, for example dusty work environments, from solid and liquid aerosols.

The mask body in the SPM100 (Schmersal Protection Mask) is made from medical-grade, biocompatible polypropylene (PP) and is reusable. The mask seal is created with a silicone profile that can be removed easily for regular disinfection and then quickly be reinserted into the mask. The filter caps can be removed with ease, thus offering easy filter changes. All reusable parts of the mask are made from resistant materials that are suitable for cleaning and disinfection.

The SPM100 respiratory protection mask is used with an FFP2 filter insert, PPE category III, in order to prevent the inhalation and/or transfer of particles, droplets and aerosols. This filter unit filters certain particles from the air inhaled by the wearer within the specified limit values of the filter used.

The SPM100 is a respiratory protection mask with no exhalation valve. Respiratory protection masks without an exhalation valve protect the wearer and prevent the wearer from contaminating his or her surroundings with exhaled droplets. In addition, the mask also comprises skin-compatible components and offers maximum comfort for the wearer.

“In developing the SPM100 respiratory protection mask, we made full use of our many years of experience in safety technology & occupational safety. We want to help ensure that even in this difficult time of the coronavirus people can work safely and stay healthy,” explains Matthias Banaszek, Project Manager for Strategic Organisation Development.

Other products and services for infection prevention
In addition to the SPM100 respiratory protection mask, the Schmersal Group offers other products and services to help protect employees from coronavirus infection in the working environment. This includes ‘Schmersal Access Control’ (SAC-IO-20), which enables digital organisation of access management by limiting visitors, eg. in retail settings. The system is an intuitive traffic light system with integrated counter that automatically counts the number of visitors entering a shop or other facility.

In addition, tec.nicum, Schmersal’s service division, offers execution and documentation of ‘Risk assessments for infection prevention’ for businesses in all industries – a legal requirement for employers under industrial health and safety regulation and fully independent of a current coronavirus pandemic.

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