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The SPIRALIFT SR is a complete multi-function Septage Receiving system that automates plant receiving operations. The SPIRALIFT grinds, screens and conditions the flow reducing the loading on plant processes and readies screened solids for economic disposal. The system’s comprehensive control system authenticates users and records transactions for billing and tracking purposes. These units wash and efficiently compact screenings by up to forty percent. The processed solids are conveyed to a convenient elevation for discharge into a bin, bag or conveyor. This pre-engineered system features dependable operation, easy installation and low operating costs.

The SPIRALIFT SR is provided with an S270-SR Automatic Control System which controls and monitors all system operations, and an optional S270-SRH Hauler Station Control System which collects transaction data, authenticates haulers, tracks loads and supplies a receipt via a card swipe system.

The SPIRALIFT units are housed in a stainless steel tank enclosure with a quick disconnect inlet flange for fast connection to septage trucks. An automatic inlet valve automatically regulates internal fluid level. A Taskmaster TT automated rock removal system is also available as an option.

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