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Switching the Smart Way

With more than 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing Sensor Solutions based on Reed Switch- and Hall-Technology PIC is one of the leading suppliers worldwide.

The possibility of realizing low cost, high reliability and energy saving applications for Position Control, Level Sensing, RPM Measuring, Flow Detection and Non-Contact-Switching (on/off) makes PIC the perfect partner for a huge variety of industries.

Typical applications include the door/lock control in white goods, safety shut downs in machinery applications, industrial liquid tanks level sensing, alarm and security systems and small devices that have to be activated/controlled from the outside like water-meters and smoke detectors.

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PIC offers worldwide shipment via own manufacturing sites in China and Turkey backed up by an international Distributor and Support network. The R&D Team in our German headquarters is able to assist our customers during the design process or will even develop 100% customized solutions for very specific sensing needs and environments.
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