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The Cast Metals Federation seeks to support re-shoring as the Trade Association for the UK Castings Industry.

The Cast Metals Federation, CMF, Members come from every part of the industry and produce around 85% of all castings produced in the UK.  From global foundry groups to small jobbing foundries, members supply precision finished parts and assemblies in a range of sizes, metals and processes to global markets, valued at over £2.2B.

For manufacturers across the world seeking the ‘Best of British Casting’, the CMF provides a single point of contact, whether for sourcing castings for every application and market sector or general information on the activities of the UK Foundry Industry.

Any manufacturer wishing to source castings in the UK or who wants to find out more about the casting industry in the UK, the various casting processes and which process might deliver the components needed, can contact the CMF or use our free Find a Foundry service.

“We recognise that there is a greater focus on re-shoring and supporting the UK manufacturing supply chain,” says CMF CEO Dr Pam Murrell, “and as the casting industry is fundamental to many sectors, we are very keen to play our part in ensuring that UK manufacturing can thrive. Our sector is also a key part of the metals circular economy and metals are a valuable resource.   We can take scrap metals and alloys from any other process or refurbishment project, and re-melt them to create high value parts, allowing and enabling these valuable resources to be retained within the UK.

“There are ambitious and exciting plans to invest in the UK’s infrastructure and our Members are able to play an active role projects like these, including any public procurement projects.  Indeed, there is a lot of talk around boosting UK manufacturing, as well as a greater focus on competitiveness, which we welcome.  There are also some significant drivers for change that are impacting on all manufacturing supply chains with the move towards e-vehicles, greater focus on renewable energy, the drive to net zero carbon emissions.

“To avoid any risk of the UK simply exporting its carbon footprint, we are keen to explore how, on a competitive basis, we can ensure that our members, and the wider manufacturing supply chain, are able to readily, quickly and proactively support such projects through engaging with our members and ensure that any such opportunities are not missed.

“Trade Associations [like the Cast Metals Federation] are ideally placed to provide visibility of the wider supply chain for such programmes to ensure any opportunities can be capitalised upon for the benefit of UK plc.”

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