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The complete spectrum of perfect temperature control

Industrial Process News is proud to announce that LAUDA Technology Ltd has been chosen as our Heating and Cooling Solutions Company of the Month. As a subsidiary of LAUDA Germany, they have been established in the UK since 2012 and are based in Stamford, Lincolnshire, providing sales and service expertise and support to the UK and Ireland. Their parent company also has 11 further subsidiaries and 89 representatives worldwide.

LAUDA Technology Ltd provides expertise in pre-sales and post-sales for applications requiring heating and cooling solutions, ranging from -150°C to +550°C. These solutions can be for multiple product stages, from research and design through to pilot plant, full production lines and quality control. Working within a diverse range of industry segments, LAUDA Technology Ltd focuses particularly on automotive, aerospace, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemistry, and medical companies. “We are focused on robust and feature-rich solutions that allow operators to easily become familiar with the equipment,” says Paul King, Managing Director. “However, they are designed to be installed and run problem-free for many years, giving our customers a reassuringly low total cost of ownership throughout the equipment life.”

Boasting 63 years’ worth of experience, LAUDA are unequivocal specialists in providing the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. Working closely with their customers, they can ensure the solution is highly matched to the application, and most importantly provide robust, long-lasting solutions which reduce long-term costs. LAUDA Technology even offers an initial chat to help start the process, “The customer won’t always know what they need, so the initial chat with our engineers helps with this and ensures we find the most appropriate solution,” says Paul.

With a dedication to innovation, in January 2019 LAUDA KG acquired GFL, a German manufacturer of laboratory equipment. This will complement LAUDA’s existing range of products, introducing laboratory freezers, shakers, incubators, and water stills. What’s more, at the end of 2018, LAUDA started working with watttron, an award-winning start-up which develops and produces an intelligent heating system to enable precise heating at the right point and at the right temperature. The system involves a thin, ceramic heating plate which is heated accurately down to one pixel, and each heating pixel can be controlled individually.

Looking to the future, LAUDA will continue to bring new and revised products to the market, launching a series of innovative new products this year including the new Integral Series which offers access via a smartphone or tablet, and the new Ultracool water coolers, which can offer energy savings up to 50%.

LAUDA Technology can be found in attendance at numerous trade shows, including Advanced Engineering, Lab Innovations, ChemUK, Battery Tech Expo, and LCV Cenex, as well as smaller exhibitions in the UK and Ireland. For more information, head to their website or use the contact details below.

T 01780 243118