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NEW: ATEX certification of our eddy-current tachometer family

The RHEINTACHO family of eddy current tachometers including an optional gearbox, has now been approved according to Annex II of the Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Directive 2014/34/EU for all EU countries and the UK. This portfolio of over 30 different combinations of tachometers and gearboxes is the newest addition to the ATEX initiative of RHEINTACHO UK.

The first products are our selection of handheld mechanical tachometers to measure rotational speed, often in repair and maintenance applications. Here we offer 4 different versions in ATEX.

The eddy-current tachometer project started due to the requests of potential customers requiring intrinsically safe tachometers for special applications. After successful testing and re-documentation, the product range was certified, including the optional gearboxes, i.e. 12 different models in 4 different product type categories.

These mechanical tachometers are used in various industries including refuelling of aircraft, paint production as well as paper and pulp production.

Rheintacho UK also produces tacho-generators which in combination with an indicator are often used on ships to indicate the speed of the diesel engines.

Rheintacho UK, a member of the Rheintacho Group, which is headquartered in Freiburg, Germany, is the competence center for ATEX products and applications and is also responsible for all Rheintacho Group products in the UK, Ireland and many Commonwealth countries. These range from an extensive portfolio of both portable and stationary stroboscopes, available in LED or xenon versions. The product range is complemented by other digital and optical handheld tachometers.

The largest product family are the rotational speed sensors which are available as hall sensors, as 1 or 2 channel versions as well as inductive sensors. The newest sensors not only measure rotational speed, but also indicate position and direction as well. And on top of that, Rheintacho is now introducing more and more sensor complexity which presently includes a line of sensors which also can measure temperature! This enables our customers to reduce the total number of sensors required by integrating more features into our sensors.

Rheintacho UK is also strong in SPARES and REPAIRS, i.e. we can repair and maintain almost any instrument, indicator, or tachometers regardless of how old it may be. We even repair instruments of manufacturers who have long since disappeared from the market.

Rheintacho is your partner in speed indication and measurement.

For further information, please contact RHEINTACHO at or call us at +44 (0)113 287 4411.