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The importance of key cabinets for workplace security

To enhance the security of employees and company equipment, a key system can be highly important for each workplace, whether a warehouse, factory, or a domestic working environment. With a selection of key cabinets available depending on the size of your business and the amount of keys needed, it’s an easy and ideal way to securely store keys that need to be accounted for, or kept safe overnight, in the workplace. Here, we will discuss why key storage cabinets are important, with emphasis on their necessity within the trade industry.

Keys can be easily tracked

Being able to physically manage keys can be made easier with a storage cabinet. Keeping track of keys mean that they must be checked in and checked out when needed for locking rooms, equipment, or vehicles such as forklifts and machinery. They will be returned to the secure storage location as required to keep a record of each key and its corresponding lock.

There is a selection of key cabinets from Reece Enterprise for companies who need to securely store from 20 to 3,000 keys. If your company has one person responsible for keys being stored in the cabinet, options such as padlocking cabinets and locking cabinets are suitable. If each employee is responsible for their key, a mechanical digital lock will ensure security while being readily accessible to workers who know the code to unlock the cabinet.

It encourages personal management

Within the trade industry, each worker is often responsible for locking, locking out and turning off their machine, equipment, or vehicle as shift patterns can often vary and overlap. This not only promotes personal responsibility and management but allows managers and supervisors to find out if workers have not returned their key to the security of the key cabinet at the end of their shift.

The physical design of many of key storage cabinets with a glass front, makes it easy for management to see when a key has not been returned. Sometimes, a mechanical tracker system may be required if only authorised personnel are to access specific keys which are individually locked in place inside the secure key storage cabinet.

Key cabinets allow mass amounts of keys to be organised

If your business requires many keys which change hands frequently, it is best to choose a cabinet with wider hooks and a deeper body. This will make it easier to store larger or bunches of keys and ensures that they can be clearly organised. A large, heavy-duty fire-resistant key safe is ideal for storing large numbers of keys. Invest in a cabinet where the internal panels are on telescopic slides for easy access and offer a compact storage solution with fully adjustable key bars that allow for storage of keys in different shapes and sizes.

Depending on the size of your business, there are several options of key cabinets to consider, from  wall-mounted to free-standing, padlock, security and fire-resistant cabinets, which are great for keeping spare keys, valuables, and padlocks protected and secure.