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The new, innovative LOOP L 250 thermoelectric circulation thermostat by LAUDA is proving its performance as an elegant all-rounder in quality assurance at VACUUBRAND. VACUUBRAND GMBH & CO. KG, from Wertheim, Germany.

Manufactures the most comprehensive range of vacuum generation, vacuum measurement and vacuum control products worldwide for coarse and fine vacuums in laboratories.

When certain workpieces are measured for dimensional accuracy during quality assurance, the temperature must remain constant to ensure comparability. Since the ambient temperature in the production hall varies considerably at different times of the year, the measuring equipment and workpieces are maintained at a constant temperature of 19°C on a copper plate with water flowing through it. For this purpose, the LAUDA LOOP L 250 is switched on via an external timer at five am to pre-heat the plate. The device is switched off automatically at six pm.

This external thermostatic circulator was developed for the requirements of modern laboratory work processes: The highly flexible thermoelectric circulation thermostat accurately maintains a constant temperature between 4 and 80°C. The air-cooled LAUDA LOOP is ideal for laboratories with limited space, thanks to its compact design and low noise emissions, whilst still achieving impressive cooling performance. The smaller version, the L 100, has an output of 120 Watts at 8 kilogram, while the larger L 250 offers 250 Watts at 12 kilogram. With the LAUDA LOOP, LAUDA is the first leading manufacturer of thermostatic circulators to employ Peltier technology without the use of refrigerant.

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