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ZEISS to showcase cutting edge measuring technology at MACH 2020

Stand 19-510, Birmingham NEC, 20th-24th April

At MACH 2020, ZEISS will be showcasing an extensive range of cutting-edge measurement technology, including the NEW ZEISS PRISMO verity, ZEISS CONTURA and the first in the UK, ZEISS SRE MAX.

On stand the ZEISS PRISMO verity will be featured. Delivering results with an uncertainty as low as 0.7+L/400μm this is made possible by using ZERODUR® scales and advanced CAA correction. The ZEISS PRISMO Verity offers gauge room precision whilst operating in measuring rooms with temperature controls that meet the German VDI/VDE 2627 “Class 3” standard. And air-conditioned rooms with temperatures maintained between 19° and 22°C and with the addition of improved form measurement values, ZEISS PRISMO Verity is the best machine in its class.

Also, for the first time on stand, the – ZEISS SRE Max. With its modular construction the SRE MAX is available in different sizes designed to suit customer requirements. The system features ADR (Automatic Defect Recognition) and real time image acquisition allowing for Radioscopic Inspection cycle times of only a few seconds. This class leading performance is paired with all ROI (Region Of Interest) NDT testing procedures being regulated by international standards –e.g. ASTM making the SRE Max perfect for both low and high-volume manufacturing requirements. In addition, to accommodate larger components the option of a 450Kv source is available.

With safety being paramount, ZEISS SRE MAX complies with the strictest international regulations for fully shielded radiation devices. During the show customers will be able to review scanned data using a VR system, allowing customers the chance to walk through the results in a VR environment.

ZEISS will also be featuring the new CONTURA. The CONTURA represents a huge step forward for CMM’s in this class. Features include; (Multi-Application-Sensor-System) enabling the use of all sensor types on the same platform, DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated guideways, new air bearing technology, fully integrated Rotary Table enabling true 4 Axis scanning, previously only available on high end machines, glass ceramic scales allowing for HTG (High Temperature gradient) requirements, automated probe change rack capability enabling zero impact on measuring volume and not forgetting new advanced scanning technology all contributing towards a system that is now the absolute standard in its class.

When visiting the stand, you can also see the Zeiss T-Scan 20 hand-held laser scanner and the Zeiss Comet 8M Fringe projection scanner. Combined with the Zeiss Colin3D software, the T-Scan 20 has a high dynamic range camera allowing data capture on a wide range of different surfaces and objects even with highly reflective surfaces. The T-Scan 20 has a 20M3 measuring volume, the T-Scan 10 recently launched, a 10M3 measuring volume and hence combined with the freedom of being hand-held, both systems offer an extremely effecting scanning solution.

The Comet 8M, also uses the Colin 3D software and combined with its automated rotary table, fast measuring speed, class leading resolution and accuracy provides an excellent solution where accuracy and detail is critical. The systems are compact and therefore lend themselves to a being used in factory or laboratory conditions.

Whether you are interested in scanning small intricate parts, automotive styling clays or vehicle interior parts ZEISS have a solution for you.

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