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Hybrid Engineering added value

HSV is Europe’s leading manufacturer, which successfully integrates hard plastic parts into particle foam parts and thus offers hybrid solutions

Hybrids are based on engineering with added value for our customers. Optimising your product and simplifying assembly leads directly to cost savings. Would you like to optimise your product now? The hybrid team of HSV is happy to help you.

The particle foam engineers of HSV

Engineering on injection moulded parts | Unique in Europe

This approach to design injection moulded parts together with particle foam parts is unique in Europe. There is an easy explanation for this: there are hardly any other companies around to combine both areas of expertise in-company. Theoretically, this approach could also work between two separate companies. However, in practice this is much more difficult, as the tolerances of the injection moulded parts don not match those of the particle foam parts. In other words: even if both parties for their own contributing part of the project perfectly comply with the required tolerances, it is highly unlikely for the solid parts and the particle foam parts to fit seamlessly.

A specialisation of HSV | Seamlessly connecting plastic parts

HSV can pull this off because we have, among other things, both areas of expertise and both moulds within our own company. The explanation is, that it is not about tolerances, but about the actual fit in practice. This core question can be solved by working it out together. That is an utterly different approach.

Single point of contact at HSV

That is what makes our solution so powerful: the customer has only one party to contact: us. Thanks to our combined R&D effort, we have oversight of the complete project and we will see to it that the customer gets the necessary solution with seamlessly fitting parts. This is made possible thanks to more than a hundred years of engineering experience around one table, the hybrid-Team.

Hybrid applications very relevant for European OEMs

The fact that most solutions so far have been developed on behalf of customers in the Dutch HVAC industry, does not mean that there are no opportunities for this approach outside this industry and outside the Netherlands. To the contrary, this approach is highly relevant for other European OEMs. This was proven during the largest European trade fair for this business, the ISH in Frankfurt. Technicians of large German market parties were very interested and somewhat amazed: how do they accomplish this integration? This kind of attention proves to us that there is room for considerable growth of our hybrid solutions on the European market.

More so, because also outside the HVAC industry lots of opportunities are waiting: in horticulture, furniture, and in the aerospace industry for instance, for the production of airline seats. The opportunities for our hybrid solutions are abundant. No wonder this activity grows rapidly.

Feasibility study

Developing or redesigning a new plastic product starts with a good design. As early as the initial phase of the product design, you can call on the particle foam engineers at HSV to request a free feasibility study: and receive an initial price estimate. Get in touch with Steve Huckfield, Key Account Manager at the particle foam engineers of HSV and call: +44 (0)7903 185887 or send Steve an email: Your request will be kept confidential.

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