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Harmonic Actuator range

At Motion Control Products, we are a global supplier and manufacturer of automation control systems. We specialise in solving our customers’ problems with a wide range of products.

We are very excited about our Harmonic Actuator range. This range of products is for high torque, low speed, precision rotary control. Classically used for the joints in robotic arms, these products are finding a wide range of applications due to their compact size, ease of control and zero backlash gearbox, smooth delivery and lack of vibration. We’re seeing uses for our harmonic actuators in medical devices controlling surgical tools, industrial automation and precision measuring machines, to list just a few examples.

Our harmonic actuators are built around a strain wave gearbox. These offer very high ratios in a compact size with effectively zero backlash, with an accuracy of 30 arc seconds and repeatability of 8 arc seconds. The power comes from a 16 pole brushless servo motor and the feedback will come from an absolute or incremental encoder.

The result is an 800Nm peak torque, or up to 560Nm continuous for the most powerful model in the range. Speeds are up to 127rpm max and rated at 70rpm. Our standard drive for these products would be an AMC Flexpro, but our users can use any suitable drive they want to. We can also supply this extreme capability of high torque with an integrated servo drive. In that case there will be a comms cable and a power cable and control protocol can be either via EtherCAT or CANOpen.

Our harmonic actuators are available for 48 volts DC or either 110 volts or 230 volts AC. As standard, they have IP65 enclosure with IP67 also available.

The products have a hollow shaft which can be used for cables, tubes or any external devices you wish to use.

These products are offering a complete solution for precision rotary control for our customers. It isn’t long ago that this level of control would have required a development project and the sourcing of a range of components and a resulting large product. Now we can offer a compact, efficient and proven solution. We believe that we will be seeing many more applications for these interesting products.

If you’d like to find out more about these products, visit our website at: or contact us via email at: or telephone at +44 (0)202 599922.

You can also see these products being discussed further below or on our YouTube channel; Motion Talk: Harmonic Rotary Actuators & Rendered video.