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MACH Preview 2022

Impact Air Systems continues to experience phenomenal growth and interest in its production trim and matrix removal solutions and will therefore be showcasing recent examples of the installations at manufacturing sites around the UK, and the rest of the world, in a bid to improve productivity, recycle more and reduce downtime in even more manufacturing operations.

An Impact customer commented on its installation, “Our production lines are up and running for much longer periods of time since the Impact installation, which is therefore a worthwhile investment. In this industry, efficient productivity is key, and if you’re dealing with production shutdown due to inefficient off-cut removal, for example, it can be extremely costly for the operator and have a detrimental effect on the entire operation. Impact’s innovative solutions ensure that we no longer find ourselves facing that problem. Another huge plus point for us, is the reduced transport required to collect the recovered material, as the Impact system includes compactors that store more than twice the amount of trim material, so we are reducing our carbon emissions too.”

Dust and fume control is also an area where Impact has always seen impressive interest, so will also showcase its mobile and centralised dust, fume, vapour, and oil mist control systems which are in demand for their ability to fit seamlessly within the facility while effectively protecting workers from airborne hazardous substances.

You can find Impact Air Systems on Stand No. 570 in Hall 6.

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