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Eight wastes identification checklist

The eight wastes identification checklist from Mettler Toledo is a template to support laboratory managers to carry out an efficiency audit of their lab.

This checklist provides a simple way to measure the current status for any sized lab, and can be tailored to individual requirements.

Previously ‘The Typical 8 wastes in the laboratory’ guide introduced an explanation of these 8 wastes, with typical laboratory examples, and recommendations for how to reduce or eliminate waste in these situations.

The latest identification checklist takes it one step further by providing a template to measure the efficiency of a specific laboratory based on the occurrence of waste in the workflows.

This checklist is organised into 8 sections, based on the 8 wastes from Lean principles. It consists of a series of criteria with recommended target values that should be met. Based on the entries recorded during the audit a total score is calculated with a maximum of 33.

Any scored below 20 shows significant potential for improvement.

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