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LAUDA offers the complete spectrum of perfect temperature control

From Automotive to R&D: You’ll find LAUDA temperature equipment everywhere. For over 60 year LAUDA, with its headquarter in Germany and multiple locations worldwide, has built a reputation for producing high quality temperature control equipment for almost every need.

From thermostats to industrial chillers, from made-to-measure installations to industrial heating and cooling systems, LAUDA meets heating and cooling requirements across multiple segments such as automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, life sciences, food & beverage and beyond.

You’ll find LAUDA temperature equipment in test benches, quality assurance, material testing or temperature simulation to provide precise and reliable results. Up and coming products like the new industrial Ultracool chiller line will meet the demand for energy saving devices, or, with the Integral line, introduce intuitive operating concepts via mobile devices. LAUDA experts will work closely with you to meet your individual needs and offer customised solutions for your application. We pride ourselves on having the necessary expertise to assist the customer in all applications.