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Energy Storage: Turning properties into mini power stations

Industrial Process News is delighted to feature Moixa for our Water, Energy and Environment profile. Moixa is the UK’s leading company for smart batteries, turning properties into mini power stations through their signature Smart Battery hardware and GridShare software.

In the past, battery energy storage has been regarded as the most efficient solution for energy storage until Moixa produced their home batteries. Revolutionaries within the energy storage market, Moixa provides properties with cost effective, maintainable and reliable energy storage.

The Moixa Smart Battery is an example of Moixa’s expertise in developing solutions formulated to reduce the impact on the environment, by minimalising carbon emissions and utilising solar energy. This impressive battery enables users to store solar generated energy and provide clean, free energy to households.
Moixa Smart Battery offers battery storage in 3 different sizes optimised for the homes in the UK. Newest addition to the family is the 4.8kWh one, which stores larger quantities of energy than others and exceeds expectations with regards to its output of 2.4kW, notably above the average peak demand of an everyday household. Its 2.4kW output allows the user to use the energy for most appliances and therefore reduces costs from sourcing/paying for energy from the grid.

A great addition to homes which are larger than others and thus requiring more energy, the Smart Battery turns a household into a miniature power station while also lowering energy bills through its platform, GridShare. GridShare is another way in which Moixa are able to provide renewable, sustainable energy for individuals and businesses. Designed to manage solar panels, batteries and electric vehicles, GridShare provides customers with the ability to share battery capacity with the grid and earn the owner money in return.

A compatible pair, the Moixa Smart Battery and GridShare collaborate harmoniously when used with solar panels and soon electric vehicles. The use of solar panels enables properties to generate their own energy powered by solar energy, helping customers cut their energy bills down by 60%.

Through Moixa’s GridShare, AI can be used to manage the batteries of electrically powered vehicles in the most economical way. The customer also benefits from the electrical vehicle tariff, whereby if the vehicle is not charged during peak times, the costs associated are less than if you were to charge during peak times.

Another beneficial service which GridShare provides is its accurate prediction of how much solar generated energy will be gained throughout each day, based on weather forecasts.

Thinking of the future, Moixa are committed to their customers and provide solutions for the most effective, sustainable energy storage use. Offering memberships for GridShare, allowing customers to turn profit, while providing larger storage capabilities for users, Moixa combines the latest technology to produce environmentally responsible, customer focussed energy storage solutions – straight to your doorstep.

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